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Teufels Berg

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Hi to all......

A new scenario in http://www.maps-for-cm2.com/.

Designer :WIM
Module :CMBN-MG
Language :ENGLISH



Teufels Berg:

1944, September 19, 1700 hrs. It is day three of Operation Market Garden. Lt. John Foley, acting commander 1st & 3rd Plt., A Co., 1st Bn., 508th PIR, 82nd Airborne Div. has just been ordered to capture Hill 195 – Devil’s Hill. It is the highest point dominating the Nijmegen-Wyler highway and the flat German Oipolder to the north. It is key to blocking any German counter-offensives from the North over the Querdam and East our of Wyler. The hill is known to be occupied by German Fallschrimjager but what is not known to the Americans is that the Germans are a hastily recruited mix of ‘alte hasen’, recent graduates from military academy and women’s auxiliary.


three versions :

H2H,US vs AI and US vs AI Re-Enactment.



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