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Russian army under equipped?

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On 1/26/2016 at 12:37 PM, Raptorx7 said:

To "C3k" (Quoting got messed up)


Yeah and one kills reporters and "enemies" of the state, and illegally invades countries killing thousands in the process, huge difference!

The bias here is obvious and does nothing except make your argument moot.

This seems to apply to many state actors, if not Ukraine - the United States has engaged in plenty of literally illegal wars (Vietnam/Laos/Cambodia/America, where never legally at war; Bay of Pigs; Grenada; Iraq part 2 is legally contentious etc), and has killed plenty of reporters (if, often by accident, such as the Reuters reporters being killed by an Apache strike - but I'll note that the dead reporters probably wouldn't care to debate the exact intent). There are very few state actors which have clean hands. Ukraine in particular has the issue of nationalist partisans often having white supremacist Nazi sympathizers within their ranks, which makes the idea of a good/evil dichotomy between Ukraine and Russia even muddier.

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@Vet 0369

We have an analogue "Uniform Code of Military Justice", only here it is called the All-Military Charters of the RF Armed Forces. It includes:
1) Charter of the internal service of Armed Forces
2) Disciplinary Charter of Armed Forces
3) Marching Charter of Armed Forces
4) Charter of the garrison and guard services of Armed Forces
5) Ship charter of Russian Navy
6) Charter of the military police of Armed Forces
7) The military regulations of Armed Forces - it has its own subparagraphs

The first three charters are fundamental as they explain the relationship between the military, the requirement of them and their rights. 

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Airmobile groups will appear in motorized rifle battalions of the Southern Military District.


Dozens of airmobile groups will begin training in all battalions of combined arms and military units of Black Sea Fleet marines and the Caspian Flotilla of the Southern Military District during the winter training period, the head of the press service of the Southern Military District.



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