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Russian army under equipped?

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I haven't seen them like that in combat conditions. It's usually the PK, very seldom an AG, in rare cases a 12.7 and in recently they started deploying the RCWS from Kovrov. 

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@HUSKER2142 @John Kettler when I started wargaming/building model kits and soldiers many decades ago it was Airfix, ROCO, Frog and a few others.  I don't think the Japanese were on the scene then, although I did build a Tamiya Motorised Chieftain at one point, yes it did have rubber tracks.  I seem to recall being very unimpressed with its performance:  it crawled along and kept flaking  out...a bit like the real thing :-).

I haven't made any kits or painted any figures for ages.  When I was a kid my non-warlike  relatives (horrified at my prediliction for the baddies: Tiger Tanks, ME109s, the Scharnhorst) kept buying me sports cars, civilian airliners,  the Queen Elizabeth and the like...I'd open the boxes, have a look, then just stuff them on top of the cupboard with the production line of kits I had bought but not got round to making.  

Somewhere around when I turned 16, I got interested in something else 🙂 and forgot about all this.

After Uni I was unemployed for a year (hard times) and  got completely immersed in D & D (which was an escape that helped me survive) and that brought me back to figure painting and wargaming.  Obviously now I rarely am able to meet for F2F gaming, which is a pity.

Funnily enough,  my parents were wanting to move house and asked me what to do with the unmade kits some years ago.  I said "I dunno,  I don't want them any more, probably chuck them out."   My mum, bless her, went on eBay and found out some of them were collectors items - boxed, unmade.  She sold them and gave the money to charity.  Which I was really pleased with. 


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