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Hi Forum! 

I recently found a user made scenario I had been wanting to play for some time. So I thank Seinfledrules for it. The Scenario is AD into Lithuania. I must admit, I have been oogling it for some time now so when a bit of extra time was presented this weekend who was I to refuse.. So without further stalling:

July the 9th 1944, following the capture of Minsk our unit is driving into Lithuania, operating on a road on route to Vilnius. Our Companys lead tank is suddenly hit and brews up in an explosion. After contacting our head quarters the situation is made clear to us: It has been deemed possible for our company of T-34s and attached infantry to attack; Orders are to clear the village of Pilpakiai of German defenders, and see to it that the rest of our forces can advance along this road to Vilnius.

Our orders are to Seize and Occupy the Village of Pilpakiai and a farm complex near the road to Vilnius. We are ordered to deploy, assess and attack where it is deemed necessary. As everything is assembled total combat time is calculated to arround 45 minutes.

The enemy is at unknown strength, orders from HQ is that a two wave attack is best adviced so that our company of tanks can act as support assets for the infantry company.

The enemy is most likely defending the T intersection and Village to deny us road access and has praobably deployed several antitank and machinegun assets in the surrounding terrain with a good field of view on the road.

Accounting for the German Doctrine it can be assault guns covering the road. So be prepared for the tanks to engage armor.

Our company of Tanks has seen some losses.

We are likely not receiving any reinforcements and so are the Germans,we do however need the infantry to have a reserve in case the Germans are reinforced.

Enemy force composition is unclear, estimating the size of the Village and the Germans will to defend and based on the previous month asses that the enemy fields atleast a half strength infantry company (we assume full strength though), light fortifications (foxholes at best, if any) and AT and heavy machineguns overlooking the road.

We will make no attempt to splitt forces.

The enemy is defending the village so most of them vill be centralised arround the objectives.

The infantry attacement is well motivated for an assault and is likely to stay in the fight once commited, that is, if it is not strained or pummeled before the enemies main line of resistance is found and engaged.


Our Forces Consists of:

3rd Company HQ: Galimov
Regular, Rested, Good Command, Ok


1st platoon HQ: Salamatin
Regular, Rested, Good Command, Good motivation, Ok

1st Medium Tank: Chalov
Regular, Rested, good motivation, Ok

2nd Medium Tank: Kapitonov
Green, Rested, exceptional motivation, Ok


2nd Platoon HQ Tank: Aushev
Regular, Rested, Good Command, exceptional motivation, Ok

1st Medium Tank: Ryleev
Regular, Rested, Ok

2nd Medium Tank: Gamzulin
Regular, Rested, Good Command, exceptional motivation, Ok


1st Company INF HQ: Terekhov
Regular, Rested, exceptional command and motivation, Ok

Sniper Team: Parshin
Veteran, Rested, exceptional command, Ok


2nd Platoon HQ: Novozhilov
Regular, Rested, good command, exceptional motivation, Ok

Sniper Team: Asafyev
Veteran, Rested, negative command, good motivation, Ok

2nd Squad: Dudarenko
Green, Rested, good command, Ok

3rd Squad: Kagantsev
Regular, Rested, good command, good motivation, Ok


1st platoon HQ: Skuratov
Regular, Rested, Exceptional motivation, Ok

Sniper Team: Petrukhin
Regular, Rested, good motivation, Ok

2nd Squad: Nazarov
Regular, Rested, exceptional motivation, Ok

3rd Squad: Kalyugin
Veteran, Rested, exceptional command and motivation, Ok 

Map Top View:

Map Tilted View, Top:

Until next post // Cheers


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The Battlefield Area Evaluation (BAE):

Wind – Medium from the north east, as it is now, deploying a smoke screen to hide our initial deployment could be a possibility since the wind is favorable. The wind could affect long distance fire since it blows from our right to left in our direction of travel.

Ground condition – Dry, since it is cool our tank movement should not be hindered considerably. And the conditions should have no ill affects on our infantry or tank engines.

Temperatures – Cool, should not have any ill affects on troops or tanks if the weather stays the same.

Visibility – Hazy, generaly it is restricted by the terrain, a problem could be to spot enemies at 400 meters and more, if a long range engagement is in order, HQ suggests not to split its forces so that the squad leader can direct fire with their binoculars.


Area of Operations (AO) – Ground analasys (OCOKA)

Visibility is somewhat effected by the hazy weather conditions, visibility on KT 11 if viewing KT 4, KT 6 and KT 7 is good to AA 3, the exception is the wheat field AA 2.

Positions from KT 4 KT 6 and KT 7 can fire at the road AA 3. KT 10 also has a good covered view to the road AA3

From KT 9 there is somewhat of an obstructed view on AA 3 but it protects the Village KT 5 from beeing unhinged.

KT 4, KT 3 and KT 2 is perfect locations for a direct path to the village since AA 1 offers great options to gain access to the village.

KT 1 is a good spot to set up a fire base and cover the infantry advancing into KT 3 and KT 4

KT 11 is not the most ideal place for an over watch position since it is to close to AA 3 which is most likely due to recent events viewed directly by and in the firing line of the enemy AT and heavier assets.


Cover and Concealment:
Hard cover is scarce, AA 4 offers obstruction with the tree line and it is a great way to get past the slopes at KT 7 which is protecting positions further down AA 4.2

AA 4 goes past a lone, it offers good cover and if the enemy occupies it it can delay a flank manouvre at AA 4.

KT 4 and 7 has good concealment from troops moving up at AA 3

KT 3 offers defenders concealment from troops advancing down AA 1, this can be mitigated by taking up positions at KT 2.

KT 3 has great concealment and the terrain favours the defender, the road going through it looks like a natural trench. The position is vulnerable though.

KT 2 is behind a slope from the hill so it is a good point to clear since it offers a point from the lipp off the hill to observe the Village KT 5 and KT 10 at its south western side.

Just west of KT 7 there is a great spot to halt our advance where our position is in enfilade to KT 4.


The Village itself KT 5 and KT 10 offers a signicant obstacle to our Tanks, so does the woods to the west, the ground is dry but, we have only 45 minutes to secure the objective and the risk of beeing delayed is considerable if we advance in that direction AA 4.

The Area is filled with gentle slopes, the area where our tank got destroyed is in a valley its edges are KT KT 11, KT 4, KT 6 and KT 7. So we can assume that the enemy has blind spots that we can attack if we get arround that valley. So the valley itself is an obstacle for us since the enemy points its guns into it.

Map of KT:

Key Terrain:

KT 1 - Offers a fire base not overlooked by positions from KT 4, KT 8 and KT 7

KT 2 - Offers a way wo flank positions at KT 3 and KT 4

KT 3 - A natural defensive trench with woods to conceal defenders

KT 4 - Overlooks AA 3 and is a good position to hold the center of the AO

KT 5 - The Village, the objective

KT 6 - A crossroads that secures access from KT 7 and AA 4.1 to KT 10

KT 7 - A Position overlooking AA 3

KT 8 - If we want to flank KT 9 from the west we must first secure KT 8.

KT 9 - Secures the road AA3 and is one of the objectives

KT 10 - A good spot to secure if we attack from AA 1 clearing KT 2 and 3

KT 11 - overlooks KT 4, KT 6 and KT 7

Map of AA:

Avenues of Approach:

AA 1 - A concealed approach for a direct attack on KT 3

AA 1.1 - A concealed approach to access KT 5 and 10 from the west

AA 1.2 - A Route with a trench overlooking KT 10

AA 2 - A route with concealment to KT 4

AA 3 - A The main road with access to AA 3.1 and AA 3.2

AA 3.1 - A natural path to the Village from the east

AA 3.2 - A path to clear one of the objectives

AA 4 - A Route to the east that has options for 2 additional routes

AA 4.1 - To flank KT 7 from AA 4

AA 4.2 - To reach the objective if AA 3 is not accessible

AA5 - A route to flank KT 2 to reach KT 3 and KT 10

// Cheers till Next one



Edited by Iktah

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Threat Evalutaion:

Now for some guestimations, the Scenario is vague at best on the force composition, the more fun for us as the attacker, all we know is that they have AT capabilities and that they overlook the road ahead of us..

Enemy composition:
Most likely it consists of an infantry company reinforced with AT assets and HMGs, we estimate that the enemy numbers atleast a company due to the size of the AO and objectives.

The chance of encountering Chevaux-de-frise. is low, we can't discount it however considering the frequent use of it by the Germans. There are some areas of the map that is well suited for fortifications/fox holes.

The enemy possess AT capable of at long range destroying our T34s

The enemy has had time to prepare this ambush


Threat integration:

My best guess is that they are within the village with some scouts or mines placed a bit unsure of the mines but one can dream can't I?

Likely enemy mission:
Enemy is trying to halt our advance

The enemy is trying to deny the road and the farmhouse by T the intersection

The enemy is to inflict casualties


Likely mission statement:
To deny the attacker the Village

To inflict casualties

Contain us to the road AA 3


Likely associated tasks:
Identify our main axis of attack

Deny the west side of the AO

Engage and destroy HVT

Preserve own combat power


Map of EKT:

Enemy Key terrain:
KT 1 KT 1 overlooks the road AA 3 and has a field of view with good fire lane

KT 2 Protects the flank of KT 1

KT 3 KT 3 the main objective

KT 4 Is in a good spot to keep controll of the center of the AO

KT 5 The 2ndary objective to have controll of the road AA 3

KT 6 A good spoot to hold since it is a good pouint for observing the wood line down south

KT 7 Has good fields of fire down at our KT 1 and covers the road

KT 8 Is a 2ndary defence line for any attacker to overcome if an attack is from the east

KT 9 Is a natural point to block off any attempt to go arround the long way

Next up is some of the good stuff before we present our different COAs
// Cheers till next ..


Edited by Iktah

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Our Companys Task Analasys:

Secure 1
Secure the Village of Pilkapiai until relieved by friendly forces

Clear 2
scout and assault to secure the southern approach to the town and gain access to the wheat field north of it. If the enemy has mounted a forward defence it is most likely situated here. If we are to clear KT 10 and establish a secure presence in the village we need to hold KT 3.

Screen/Clear 3
Not necessary to hold, but it can be no enemy presence there if we are to move up AA 3

Most likely it is a task assigned to the T34s once the AT assets of the enemy is found and neutralized.

Clear 4
The area KT 4 is a good central position, with enemy forces in it there can be no movement into the village.

Secure 5
To secure the road AA3 we need to secure this farmhouse and neighbouring buildings. Is needed to further secure the retreat of enemy forces from KT 5


Freedom of Action:
Our company must secure KT 10, KT 5 and KT 9

I can't cross the boundries of the AO

I have freedom of action within the AO

I am free to plan any preleminary bombardments and smokescreens as needed.


Analyse Tasks:
Task 1 – Secure KT 5 and KT 10

Task 2 – Deploy scouts to find enemies main line of resistance

Task 3 – Find and destroy the enemy AT assets aimed at AA 3


Identifying, critical facts, judgements and assumptions:

Critical facts:
The enemy has AT assets on over watch at AA 3

They know we are traveling down AA 3 to reach Vilnius

The enemy is in an ambush stance

The enemy has a presence at KT 5, KT 10 and KT 9

We have off map mortar support from 1 battery


We have enough forces to assault the Objectives if circumvented

The enemy has guns focused in the valley in the middle of KT 4 , KT 11 , KT 7 and KT 6

There are probable have weapons assets concealed at KT 4, KT 6, KT 7 and KT 10

We have arround 10 minutes of mortar fire if we mind our fire rate


Our force composition is possibly outnumbering the enemy

The enemy relies on us not gaining access to the flanks of the Village

We have enough ammunition for this engagement

We will not receive reinforcements and neither will the Germans

The enemy is likely to have enough ammunition for a sustained defence

They are supported by mortars


Intent Schematic:
Secure 1 – To secure the objective

Clear 2 – To create a staging area to assault the village and is the enemies probable main line of defence

Screen / Clear 3 - to deny the enemy eyes on AA 3 and secure a point from which to attack KT 4

Secure 4 – To deny the enemy this central point and prevent spoters targeting our advance at AA 3

Secure 5 – To secure the objective and most likely a point in the enemies main defensive line


Where the enemy has its main effort

Where it has its AT assets

The assess the traficability of AA 3, AA 4, AA 1 and AA 5

Assess what the enemy force is compromised of


TAIs and NAIs:


Dividing my Companies Resources and TAI'NAI:


TAI 1 - correlates to the clear 4 intent on the mission intent map

TAI 2 - correlates to the screen / clear 3 intent on the mission intent map

TAI 3 - correlates to the secure intent on the mission intent map

Tai 4 - correlates to the secure 5 intent on the mission intent map


NAI 1 - correlates to the secure 1 intent on the mission intent map

NAI 2 - correlates to the clear 2 intent on the mission intent map

NAI 3 - correlates to the clear 2 intent on the mission intent map

NAI 4 - correlates to the screen / clear 3 intent on the mission intent map

NAI 5 - correlates to the secure 5 intent on the mission intent map

NAI 6 - correlates to the Screen / clear 3 and secure 5 intent on the mission intent map


Task assignments, action and effect:


Task 1
Establish a Fire base at KT 1 or KT 11

Task 2
Clear KT 2

Task 3
Clear KT 4

Task 4
Secure KT 9

Task 5
Secure KT 6

Task 6
Execute a scouting manouvre to KT 4, KT 7, KT 10 , AA 4

Task 7
Secure KT 10

Task 8
Secure KT 5

// Next is some COA so the next is mostly some what ifs and what to do.. So, cheers till then


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My first thought was, hey, can I go arround it, and directly afterwards was, can I make it longer. All I am worried is that it will separate the tanks and the infantry. It surely is to avoid the enemy, and if we take this route we will have arround 15-20 minutes of combat at the objectives.


The most sensible plan in my opinion, not as fun as the first option that came to mind. One thinf that sits in this COAs favour is that it will take less time to actualy deploy our infantry to begin an advance and we can be supported by the tanks since there is a road some 50 meters to our left that can help us be obscured from the Village and surroundings areas. 


Not something I would rekomend since they have guns there, I am talking offcourse of the forward assault. Urrah? or something..


Next is some combat, and this will take some time, so stay tuned for when the action turns real.. We now have the stage to plan our attack on the Fascist defenders.. 


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This is a fun scenario - I have played it twice - the first time pretty much going exclusively down the left flank and the second time employing something similar to your COA 2.

Seems the left is the more sensible route, and it is a good spot over all. There is a position in the town where I after carefull consideration guess that the shot that killed our forward tank came from (Setting up a move order from the deployment area and using the measure tool for a solid 10 minutes). But it depends on the German strength defending the town, a smal force will not be spread out. That is what I hope for..

I am not so sure about COA 1, If the enemy has AT guns in the Village they can probably fire down at objective nr 2.. It will take time to move and my forces will be separated.

A picture of the view from KT 3 (My left):

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The opening minutes, chapter 1:
Bear through, he thought as the scene turned silent. In front of him blurred lines, right left, straight ahead, all a blurr. 


A road, that much he could clearly se, a road dressed in all black and white, which mixes to grey at the end, there they are, so quickly had they ducked out of sight.

Our formation had halted, the troops ordered to embark and due to the speed of it all and how hastily this was executed, 
Afanasy found himself hunkered down with his leg in an awkward position with his foot numbing.


He dared not move. So the pain of sitting on it he thought, would just have to go away. This was his first contact with the enemy since being conscripted. But in his memories, not the first contact with the Germans.


To us, he thought, nothing is sacred anymore because to survive we have to be twisted to the core. The guns now silent, only the occasional nervous cough broke the silence...” – Prvt Afanasy Sokol , 2nd Squad, 2nd platoon

"... at Pilpakiai? Why, ask of it? The orders where simple, deploy the infantry in the woods to our left, send out one platoon as the first wave, and when the enemy is revealed, the 2nd wave can take care of the rest, the tanks is to act in support, we came at them the same old style, and they, well..." - from the memoares of 3rd Company HQ: Galimov



What you see is what you get:
"... We had a quick briefing by our superiors, there where three spots that they needed our eyes on, We were to act as a first screen, we were used to that kind of mission, to go in first to observe with our rifles, I trusted we could find the defenders, I must admitt I was not expecting this to be nothing more than a mine..." -  Parshin, attached sniper

Map: sniper teams move into contact, one team is still a few minutes away from its designated area.


A view of what they see:

First contact:
"...What I remember from that day is not much about the engagement, I remember deploying to our left, and I had the furthest to walk before getting to my designated area, I had struck a vager with Petrukhin that I would be faster than him, even though he had some 25 meters to advance and I some 200. All in good spirit you know.. I was to overlook the enemy positions to our most left position. When I got there, I guess I was not catious enough I got hit in the leg, that is when I lost it. Spent the rest of the war in hospitals and then I was sent home. I have thought about that day ever since, but you look shocked, what if they had fired that Anti Tank Gun. When they fire, you feel the blast rippling through the air. I am lucky to be alive..." - excerpt from an interview

Petrukhin overlooking KT 3:

2nd sniper team spots the gun:

Untill next time // Cheers


Edited by Iktah

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This stuff looks great Iktah! Thank you for choosing my scenario to do such an in-depth AAR!

Not doing it would be no fun ^.-

Glad you like it, and I will be, after I am done offcourse, do my part and write a review of the scenarios so that other future downloaders can get a feel for the scenario before downloading.
I found the scenario by having a buddy tell me about yours and the reputation of your maps beeing good and well thought out.

But user input was lacking, so, count on it.  

The next scenario I am looking at is also one of yours.. ^^

I am really impressed with the map so far, it is, well, interesting and feels genuine, not like some maps that feels constructed somehow. 

It offers a fair ammount of flexibility for the attacker, I might not have it all nailed down but I see it having replayability. I am now only starting the scenario but I have a good feeling about it.

// Cheers

Edited by Iktah

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