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KV-2 Runs into Trouble

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So nice to see a new CMBB video (with its strange 2-D walls), though I never expected it would show a nuclear hand grenade in use. Wow! Was very surprised to see the Panzerwurfmine (L) in service during Barbarossa, especially since I know of no instance during the campaign in which there is mention of this specialist antitank weapon. If you look at the Battle of Raseinai, where the Germans ran smack into a seemingly dead KV-2 blocking a critical route which came to life and opened devastating fire, even the heavily combat engineers had no such weapon and were forced to rely on demo charges. That the Germans had no Panzerwurfmine fielded during Barbarossa is borne out by a 1942 German training film on close combat against Russian tanks which shows smoke grenades, Geballte Ladungen, demo charges and more, but no Panzerwurfmine (L) in sight.. The series of short vid segments starts here.

 As a bonus, here's a nice Russian doc (Englsh subtitles!) on the KV-1, with some coverage of the KV-2. Terrific footage!


John Kettler

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