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My game text (specifically map lettering blocks and the entire 'Hotkey' menu are blocked out as white.  On the map, from an angle, I can make out light blue (?) lettering but it is extremely faint.  When I bring up the Hotkey menu, it's all white and I can not read anything.  The unit movement menu displays and works perfectly.

I believe it is a purely video-related issue as the commands, both mouse and key strikes, work just fine.  You have to know the key strikes by memory since the Hotkey is unreadable.

Thank You!

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It appears that you may be running the game on an AMD Radeon video card/chip. The drivers have had an issue with CMx1 games (CMBO, CMBB & CMAK) for a long time. There is a fix that requires replacing some of the bitmaps in the game(s) that have the text used in the screens. This Knowledgebase article on 'text in game is unreadable' has a download link within it for the 'radeon text fix'. There are separate folders within this .zip file that you copy (just the three files within each folder, NOT the folder itself) into the game's BMP directory (which will overwrite the three files already there).

The text will now appear as yellow on a black background (rather than a transparent background). It looks a bit ugly, but it makes the text legible.

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