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Meeting at the River: TFGM ladder QB FIVEFIVESIX STAY OUT!

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First black sea quick battle! Med size forces meeting engagement!
I'll be the Ukrainians rushing headlong into the evil invading Ruskies. OUT OF MY PRECIOUS HOMELAND YOU RUSSIAN DOGS! *ehem*
Custom rules in effect: APS on only 20% of eligable vehicles (rounded up)
Force TO&E:
1 depleted Mech rifle battalion (-1 company) in BTRs, with a platoon of Oblats attached!
This gives me two companies of infantry supported by,
-Some arty (bought some extra too! all off map, 2*3 tubes 120mm mortars, 1*3 tubes 81mm mortars),
- Battalion support from an anti-tank platoon (Skiffs and recoilless rifles, re-enforced with two 'shturm' tank hunters) and a grenade launcher platoon (they say happiness is a belt fed weapon, but if that belt is 30mm HE then I think you should keep that 'happiness' in the bedroom)
-And a Recon platoon (Irish Mine Detectors)  - to which I've attached two RPG-7 teams in the hope of catching something big and scary unawares.
Pictured: One Irish Mine Detector
Each  company command also as a Pvt Ivan with an Igla to scare away nasties and shoot down drones (do iglas work on drones?), and 1st Company get the shiny BTR-4E's instead of those crappy mobile tin targets the rest of the poor sods have.
My strategy? Strength through numbers! I expect the game will appeal to the bloody-minded likes of c3k. Basic SOP is that 1st company with it's fancy taxis will be my assault force while 2nd company will form a blocking force on my right flank - securing the swampland which offers decent cover for my enemy's advance. The anti-tank platoon will be scattered at opportune positions on my side of the map, though the recoilless rifles will run down the left flank and (hopefully) secure that bridge from vehicle advance (though I don't expect them to last long). Grenade launchers will again be scattered, with at least two supporting 2nd company on over watch of the swamp. The idea is sort of 'bite and hold' - seize the major objective as quickly as possible, then defend it to the last man. I want the fighting up close and personal, where the Russian technological superiority (in terms of spotting and engagement range) is negated and my numbers count for more. If forces allow and the Russian attack is sufficiently bloodied I may consider pushing across the river with my reserve force, but given their technological superiority I doubt it. 
Each company will keep a platoon in reserve of it's main advance
phew. 8,000 points buys a lot of Ukrainians!
THE PLAN - Blue is 2nd Co. Red 1st CO. and Green supporting assets (namely AT and tanks) the crosses represent positions for the Skifff AT launchers, the rest are tac symbols. Why no tac symbols for the Skiff? Because they're complex to draw, and there are lots of them.Not shown are the scouts because I forgot, but basically there is a section and an rpg team pushing ahead of each main element, and a section scouting ahead of the recoilless rifles on the north flank. My intention is to push these scouts across the river into good OP's to ID and maybe even ambush the incoming Ruskies, maybe force them to slow up. Expected life expectancy upon making contact with the enemy: 30 seconds.  
Scouts forward! Your bravery will be remembered!

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A short while later...
Overview, Turn 4
Well I was right in wanting to rush to my forward positions quickly... while most of my units made it to their disembark points safely, a few laggers behind caught it in the face... but before we get to the gory bits...
Overview, turn 4: 1st Co. makes it to the town largely unmolested, thanks to the speed of their advance. Already they are moving to occupy positions in the own on the friendly side of the river, while 3rd platoon holds in reserve at Overwatch village.
2nd Co have started moving down to blocking positions on the southern side of town haven likewise incurred light casualties, however they have lost their company command element to Long range fire. That's what he gets for leading from the rear!
Battalion FO, having achieved a good OP at the train station, calls in the first round of supporting fires from the 120mm mortar battery. Friendly forces have spotted enemy BMPs suspected of carrying enemy infantry down the hill to the east and the plan is to catch them as they dismount and move through the town. Might be danger close for the scouts I plan n pushing into the town proper but eh... War is hell.
AT assets have mostly reached their positions and begun setting up. Reports are in that the recoilless rifle crews in particular are enjoying the shade and the scenery.
Armour takes a casualty from an enemy AT missile, launcher unknown. The remaining tank from the 'open ground' section immediatly relocates to harder cover and gets a spot on an enemy BMP, launching an AT missile of it's own in revenge! I guess it got dazzled though, because part-way through it's flight it veered wildly off-course and missed by about 100 meters or more. So much for 'guided' missile.
Company level support elements (Machine guns) and some of Battalion's grenade launcher elements are following the infantry into the town, with the hopes of taking up short range ambush positions in tall buildings.
Now for some violence:
2 Co. command gets it in the face. Strangely Recon wasn't the first to take casualties...
...But they're close behind. I thought through-and-through was supposed to be a good thing...
This isn't good... is this the one with APS?
Oh dear. I sense the force is strong with this one.
'Guided' missile my arse.
Casualties four turns in:
1 CO: 1 BTR4E (no pic, took a round while returning fire on suspected enemy positions)
2 CO: Command element and MANPAD section. Cowards
Tank Platoon: 1 tank.
RECON: 1 section + 1 RPG team. Eh, they died quick.
Oh well, as C3k would say, you're not in contact with the enemy unless your ptrupen are burning!

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That Irish mine detector is a Mexican mine detector not Irish. Its a particular tradition in a certain village in Mexico where men hit fireworks and small explosives to 'prove their manhood'.  Its on some Saints holiday.

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