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Long term project - "Scylla and Charybdis" - "what if?" campaign

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I'm about to finish research and planning for a 3-4 mission campaign for CMFI set during the two last days of the German evacuation from Sicily and will take place in and around Messina. It will feature both US and CW units as "the Race to Messina" very much is on. It will be based in historic events and situations, but will make the assumption that the Allied vanguard manages to interrupt the last units to evacuate in order to make as big a dent in the German foothold on mainland Italy as possible. For example take out the air/sea defenses to clear the straits for the Navy/Air Force and capture military barracks for information on the retreat and as a grand finale - secure the harbor.


I will start by making maps as I want to see what a future module will bring to the table. I'm hoping for British commandos and large caliber AA units.


Anyone who has tips on how to best approach a campaign project and avoid uneccessary pitfalls is more than welcome to post here or PM me.


In time I will start posting screenshots as maps begin to take shape. The main source I use is an excellent topographical map that the US army made of Messina with high value targets marked.


So, patience - be my friend ... I hope I'm not taking on something I can't handle. But no rush.

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