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Newb Looking for PBEM oppenent CMRT

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Newb to CMRT but played alot of CMx1 a while back inlcuding online so im not too bad.


Followed this guide




Now need someones email for dropbox, and they need to have dropbox themselves according to the guide.


the game will be


German attack


30 min


Mix forces

Preview allowed

1944 July

Day/clear weather

Loose rarity

Warrior difficulty


I will play as German, as 90% of my game time thus far has been the German campaign which I have finnally completed.


I either expect to get my ass handed or find am oppenent of similar level


If you are also newbish or feel more newbish then me, feel free to msg me and we can play another game on your terms.




Message me your email if your interested.



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