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Late to the party but the was well worth the long fight. Started before Christmas and just managed to finish this beast. A good tough fight that found the right balance between being a challenge but not stupidly hard.


My tanks made mince meat of the Soviets at range for minimal loss (though surprisingly the Tigers didn't do the heavy lifting). My real problem in this mission was the limited infantry under my command. You go through them quick clearing those villages and the odd half track brewing up to a hidden AT Gun.

I was tempted to ceasefire around Phase Line 2 on account of my infantry losses and looking down the barrel of another two villages to clear but pressed forward with my tanks. A few were knocked out as you'd expect without close infantry support, but managed to beat the Soviets into a surrender before I myself clicked on the ceasefire button.

Soviets: 417 KIA, 192 WIA, 12 MIA, 34 Tanks, 5 Armored, 21 Other Vehicles

Germans: 77 KIA, 90 WIA, 0 MIA, 9 Tanks, 5 Armored, 1 Other Vehicle.

German Total Victory

Video about halfway through of one my assaults.

Recommended. Cheers George MC.

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Hi @Ithikial_AU

Cheers for taking the time to post your comments and feedback. Your video is well cool - really enjoyed watching the action. Great to see a mounted attack with a heap of overwatch. Looks like you ae better at that than me. My guys jump out of their SPW usually only to be mown down cos I failed to totally suppress the bad guys!

By this stage in the fighting 5th panzer was pretty much a spent force. Most of the grenadier battalions were down to little more than reinforced company strength, especially the SPW units. In RL this attack ground to halt along the line Osinowka/Bialkoszcyna in part due to running out of oomph and men. So the scenario I hope, and it sounds like it did, recreates that last gasp 'do or die' action. Good effort on securing a Total Victory.

Thanks again for the feedback and fine words of praise. really appreciated ta :)

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35 minutes ago, Erwin said:

Is this camp. still v1?

Its not a campaign. Its a scenario/single mission. Its version 1 on TSDIII.

Edited by George MC

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Couple questions on this one:

Has a revised version ever been published or are we still on version 1?

Regarding play balance, I see in the first post there was a suggestion that this would be "a tough one" as the Germans.  Is there any consensus on that?  Do Soviets appear to have the advantage?

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Hi @Migo441

Re your comments - this is a historical scenario so the forces are not balanced. It was never designed for competitive H2H play but if you are interested in fighting a historical event H2H without to much regard for the outcome ie. who wins then it might be worth taking for a spin.

In RL the German attack was ground day as they fought through various PAK fronts and met increased resistance from the Soviets as they counterattacked with armour and more PAK. Eventually the German attack ran out of steam. Against the AI this is winnable although it's a tough slog. Against a  wily human opponent it will be even tougher.

The terrain is to the Soviets advantage but the Germans do have a great many Panthers and Tigers and arty support. But as I say it's not "balanced" re force etc as what most H2H players seem to like.

There is a revised version but based on my own playthroughs - makes it even tougher! Improved AI plan for the Soviets and some better positioning of assets.

 https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/38597470/CMRT Der Ring Der 5 Panzer Division BETA.zip

Hope you give it a shot as it's one of my favourites and in my personal top 5. :)



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