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We Need Another "The Road Ahead" from BF.

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I just love the current model and having a hard time understanding people that don't like it. To each his own I guess - I'm just glad what get's down by BF is right in my alley. 

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Ignoring the white knights (white knights have always confused me, especially when I took the time make sure my post was not offensive to BFC or Steve who has always been pleasant to my posts even if they are critical),


This was my understanding pre-shock day and actually cause I do not dwell in the forum up until this post. It was even explained this way after I raised it way back then, obvious that's a long time ago and thought processes change.


White Knights - I like it.  Can I be one:)


Steve doesn't need any white knights.... However he also has other things to do and so does not answer every thread or question.  Some of us who hang around her a lot chime in to fill in those answers.  Not sure what else to day - just trying to help.


I have an understanding about software development  (professional) and games development (hobby) so I am no unfamiliar when a branch cannot support the weight or was not designed to do so. But I would of personally rather seen unit packs for earlier modules then engine updates. However I am sure I am probably alone with this. Oh well c'est la vie!


Then you will understand when bolting on "yet another" "just one more thing" can often be counter productive. 


I don't think you are alone at all - we just have to trust that they are making a good decision for them - I for one see no reason not to believe that BFC is making good decisions.  Who wouldn't like to see one game that includes everything - why even have three.  One would be really cool.  But I would rather have five, six, seven, eight games etc that work well instead of one that is delayed and kludgey and spiralling into a bug induced disaster.  As a developer I have been on projects like that and they are no good for the devs, company nor the customers.  Trade offs are always there, as you well know.  BFC have to be left to make them rather than have us tell them what the trades should be. 


CMRT means if there is new families that much of the battles on the eastern front could not be played a lot of equipment was used thought the war till then end.

I'm not sure why you would say that.  So far they have been pretty damned good about making sure all the equipment used in a time frame / theatre is available. I expect no less for all the eastern front games.

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It's being tested now. Much of the new artwork is already done, and because we are able to leverage a lot of assets from various other games, the game is fairly complete now. Mostly making scenarios and the campaigns. That takes some time to do, but not horribly long.


We really want to show off some new stuff first, but that's the stuff we're debugging now. It shouldn't take too long before you see some screenshots.



That was 8 months ago. Has there been any information for customers why things got so heavily delayed?

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