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Operation Hercules: The Invasion of Malta [WIP]

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Hi Jozef,


I hope all is well in Malta with your family. 


No more AI plans writing for me! The future of user made scenarios for me is a dead-end alleyway! :D

I have much better enjoyed racking up the table to watch 2 or more humans play out a battle.

Writing up a CMPzC operation for humans against humans has been a blast. If only by myself or often with some other great guys contributing...I got all the best parts of writing a scenario, the map creation, picking the units, other little wrinkles in the story as for reinforcements arriving. But I get to totally skip the big ugly AI plan worry! :D

But that AI plan stuff was always the headache for me and in its current state, it is so limited on what the AI can do in a battle.

Then for a human to want to fight a battle against the AI is seeming more and more like playing chess only against kindergarten-aged children.

Maybe in ten years the CM AI will have dynamic branching or phased/event-triggered reinforcements or other AI tactical enhancements to make it a better foe but then I am sure the writing of AI plans will also become a more daunting task. Now you can't currently copy and paste AI plans across from one scenario to another. It all has to go back in again manually. So, if you had a kick-butt script, you must suffer the pain of entering it all in again for a new map and scenario. Canned AI scripts saved with names would be awesome. Like plays in football. "Red 33" is where the AI pulls a left hook as the human player comes in toward the village. We could have scaled plays. "Platoon Red 33" is  a smaller version of "Company Red 33" and "Battalion Red 33". All left hooks but with more and more forces.


Oh well. Bottomline. No more old style AI plan scenarios on my horizon. :D


Now I toss and turn over throwing in the towel on my last few CMPzC projects (Malta and Hosingen).

I reluctantly must! Due to real life demands with my son and my job.

Give me maybe 3 years and I can come back to see if it is here waiting, just covered in dust.

But I would much rather see some new faces and names step up and rack up some operations.

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man, that was deep.

hey - almost sounded as if you're going to tone down from CM play ? it isnt possible :) isn't it ?

i can put an effort during summer to /assist/ in Operation Hercules, now that academic year is over. Malta & family are great - so far so good :)

btw royal marines commando were in Malta at a place  called "Ghajn Tuffieha"  or manikata barracks http://www.djsphotoart.com/manikata-barracks-main.html

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hey,borg send your message to this account. I can't log in as folkie on my home computer for some reason and can't change my password. anyway to answer your questions is a 4km by 4km of the south east part of malta centered around maxalokk. the map has the harbor, an airfield, and the wolsey battery is represented. there is no scenario, just the map so you can plan your own invasion via beach, airfield attack, harbor attack whatever you want to do. I just need to level some roads out to finish the map, but essentially it's done and waiting for somebody to do the scenario

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