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bjsut tried reloading combat missions AK, but will not poot up?

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Hi all

 I am running windows 7.


with the disk in the drive, it just will not autostart and load the program.

will the $5.00 program for CMAK fix the boot problem? or is there the chance the disk is just bad now??


thanks for your help

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I don't know why the program is not autostarting, but you can simply run the setup program on the disc and see if that works. I would also suggest temporarily disabling your security software just in case it interferes. You may also want to run the setup program by right-clicking on it and selecting "Run as administrator" from the popup menu.


Is this a recent purchase or is it an old game ? All purchases since the summer of 2009 (directly from Battlefront) should be at version 1.04. If the game was purchase before that or from a retailer (a CDV distribution), then it will be an older version. The 1.04 patch ONLY makes some changes to some of the DirectX graphic API calls used by the game to make them a little more compatible with Windows Vista and later versions of Windows. A short while after the 1.04 patch was released the video card manufacturers updated their drivers so that the 1.04 patch wasn't absolutely necessary to run. However the 1.04 patch does fix a graphical glitch with AMD Radeons.

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