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Windows 7 rectangle of unpleasant graphics in sky

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I just found out that CMAK would work on Win 7.  I dug out my old disk and loaded it on my backup computer.  I get this strange rectangle in the sky, which is full of distorted text.  I can live with it but it does detract from the game, which otherwise works fine.  Any ideas how to get rid of it? 



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I assume you may have an ATI/AMD Radeon video card. I believe the 1.04 'vista' patch would fix this graphical issue. The patch wasn't released to address this particular problem, but when it did appear for Radeon users, it worked to get rid of this graphical anomaly. However the 1.04 patch is NOT free and does utilize a different copy protection system (that would no longer require your CD to be in the optical drive). The 1.04 patch costs US$5.00 ('CM Afrika Korps VISTA'). CMBB also has a similar 1.04 patch.

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