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Idea: Semi-random enemy placement

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I had this idea for a while and thought it worth sharing:


Right now, in the editor, we can make different AI-setups and plans. That helps replayabaility a lot. But what if we could instead designate zones and positions, and then let the game deploy its troops in those?


Example: Instead of the designer placing a machinegun in position A, B, or C, he places maybe 20 different "potential MG position" markers on the map. Then he places 40 "potential infantry position" markers, etc. When the mission starts, the game randomly places its machineguns and infantry in those positions. So instead of having maybe 3 different AI setups, you get 20x40 combinations, so you never know where the enemy will be.


However, there should still be the option for the designer to place certain assets in certain positions, so while the enemy AT-gun might be in either position A, B, or C, the rest would be randomised - or any other combination you could think of.

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This is already the case.. to some extent..


You probably do know this but just to explain what I am getting at.


If you build/paint a setup area for Group 3 say in the AI editor for Allied forces..  you paint it along the edge of a village in Belorussia, 300m long and 20m wide. In the unit editor you have assigned to Group 3 one infantry platoon, one 76mm ATG, one 45mm ATG, one tank hunter section and two snipers..  But you do not place them in the setup area on the deploy map. You just don’t deploy any of the Soviet units. All are assigned as with the units for Group 3.. a setup area in the AI editor is painted on, and units in the units editor assigned to that Group.


Then you pick the German units you wish to play with in the game and place them in their setup areas using the deploy map.


When you launch the game to play it, the Soviet units in say Group 3 above will be semi-randomly placed along the 300m by 20m village edge. Randomly but quite cleverly in fact. It is normally not too stupid. You will not know where the ATGs are to give an example.


This is my favourite way to play CMX2 :).


I take QB maps and move them to the Scenarios folder, then build ultra flexible “QBs..” using the above technique in the normal editor.


If you follow me.. ;).


Not easy, and very confusing if not familiar with CMX2 editors.. but for those who are.. very quick way of building ultra flexible QBs.


All very good fun,

We are lucky to have CM at all..

All the best,


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I wasn't aware the editor allowed for semi-random setup in zones... and in my original idea, I did not take C2 into account. I wonder if the best would be a combination, so you could assign zones to groups like now, but say "ok, in this zone, the AI wants to place its AT-gun either here, here, or here. the MG would go here, here, here, here, or maybe here."


But there's no saying which zones will be populated. The enemy might have 3 platoons, plus support weapons. But there might be 10 potential setup zones, each with their own possible sub-locations..

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