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Resources for scenario and map creation

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Hey folks!


I'm going to keep this first post updated with links to handy resources on scenario and map creation. This thread will start small but I'm sure it will grow. Check back here often!


If you have a resource that you want to share, post in this thread with a link and a brief description. I'll add it to the list in this post.


Ukraine maps:


US Army Field Manuals:



Black Sea Flavor Object Visual Guide:

PDF file with labels and images for flavor objects in Black Sea. Very useful!


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Chris, have you got the CMBS mission overview and briefing graphic templates as PSD files? I would understand if you didnt include all of the content within but it would make it easier to make good looking overview maps and breifing graphics for custom missions.



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Topo relief map wich tells you the terrain elevation at any point you klick on the map. Also helps to get a visual idea of the elevation features. Unfortunately the elevation data does not recognize the difference between ground level and treetops so it cannot tell the ground level accurately in heavily wooden areas. Nevertheless quite handy!




weather data site if you are wondering what kind a weather you get in june/july/august in Ukraine.




For google earth you can get openstreetmap overlays pack wich includes a very good "cycle" -map overlay. I highly recommend it! If you find the colours of the overlay too pale, you can always use photoshop's apply image function to deepen the colors of your maps (as in make green darker green and so forth.)

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Also maps for Russia itself might be of use, particularly in the boder regions with Ukraine (for example the 1943 battle areas covered by Operation Citadel and the River Mius. In the NATO win branch we might have a possibility that the NATO counter offensive reaches the Russia - Ukraine border and there are limited offensive operations into Russia prior to he end of hostilities. The NATO objectives in ths case would include an attempt to take the city of Kursk as a political bargaining chip (for example in exchange for any Ukranian territory still in Russian hands at this stage.


Unless Putin does something incredibly desperate/stupid like using chemical weapos causing heavy civillian and military loss of life NATO would not wish to march on Moscow. for future expansions however one could alow for this possibility.


And one could allow for possible Russian advances into Poland, Romania, he Baltic States, Belorussia in certain Russian Win variants s similar maps for these areas would also be welcome :D

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I just found this, and have so far only been able to spot check a few things out of a dozen plus links. "Genshtab" is General Staff.




Coverage at 1:50,000 scale




Sample map. 




Rokko started a map and related topic thread on CMRT, and there is much there usable here.






John Kettler

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PS: If you're very serious, it seems you can buy a Ukrainian contour map here (according to wikipedia, it offers adaptive contour lines every 5m before 450m height and every 10m above.) 


Is there someone on the forum who understands Ukrainian? Can I use this map on the PC (not on a smarphone?).

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