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Unofficial Screenshots & Videos Thread

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2 hours ago, Chudacabra said:

These forces are making me really look forward to Red on Red battles in CMSFII.

Amen to that fella.

A battle with a T-72M1 as a top-tier weapon.....No problem! 

BM-21s are going to be fun too.....Then there's all the UnCons!

Damn it is going to be such a good game, one way or the other.....I've come to the sad conclusion that my cross-crewing tricks probably won't work in CMx4, you'll just wind up with a selection of ammo dumps, so my Mosul stuff will only ever be for original CM:SF (barring a vehicle pack), but it's still going to be a superb update.

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37 minutes ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

Jesus.....That's some high intensity combat right there!  :o

Yep. It's a huge QB PBEM with Ukrainians vs Ukrainians. No Oplots or other fancy stuff. Bulats are quite a bit better than T-64BV's. 

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3 minutes ago, Artkin said:

Did you know this was possible? I did not.

Are you referring to standing in the back of the truck and fighting spotted enemy units? Or the crazy stance they are taking on the edge of the side wall of the truck :)

Yes, troops can fight from in side open carriers or when riding on tanks. My favourite for this is WW2 Bren carriers - small teams, cool stances, less loss when things go sideways :D

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26 minutes ago, kinophile said:

So if you put an ATGM team in an open truck they would scan, acquire, fire and reload? 

I've not tested this but I don't think they can if the ATGM team must deploy.  They can't deploy while in the vehicle so they can't fire.  Some teams that are not required to deploy, RPG, Javelin etc. might be able to??......................  Good question................. 

If the team was in ammo sharing distance of a vehicle or supply dump they could, in theory, scan, acquire, fire and reload.  Of course if the vehicle catastrophically blows up when hit ...............   

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