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it is a bit gamey that Axis can attack Tunbesia with no garrison and Vichy France does not declare war on them or it is alarming USA/SU - same with attacking Dutch colonies and being able to use Japanese troops in Africa and Italian troops in the Pacific...would be great to have a fix - also Tunesia should at least have a garrison and declaring war on Greece/Vichy France from the Axis should have high bonusses on war readiness of USA and SU...

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The French colonies were attacked by the Japanese early in the war with some reaction from the USA. This is represented in the game by having the USA swing 10-15% towards the Allies if French Indochina is attacked. Other, smaller countries will react too.


Any attack on the Dutch East Indies by Japan will bring them a lot of new enemies, so it's not a move the Japanese should make unless they are prepared for full scale war with most of the countries in the region. The USA will also mobilize significantly for war in such an eventuality.


In response to a previous comment you made, any Axis attack on Vichy France will swing the USA between 8-15% towards the Allies. Greece doesn't trigger the same response, but I am not aware of much reaction in the USA specifically to the Italian invasion of Greece, apart from seeing Europe's tearing itself apart proceeding apace and people growing more worried at the situation.



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Another feedback - also in science the luck or bad luck factor is for me too high - one time in CtA my opponent had an Infantry 1 breakthroug as Germany 6+ month before me even though we invested at the same time - so he just overran me even though the campaign was really going well for me before...

And in AoD I just had very bad luck with the Allies with tech investments too - before investing at the same time I had Infantry level 2 and Anti Air levels 1 and 2 much earlier - now as late as possible for SU, China and England - resulting in the Axis player murdering my units easily - I would really love a not so much dice rolls based system - as it can completly mess up MP games - as I said also with diplomacy - rather small % but steady - than bigger ones but extremly luck based - at least an implementation of this as alternative to the system now would be great - like optional in the options menu....

Would be great to have this in the next patch for the SC2 and addons and also for SC3 - nothing frustates more than getting beaten by dice rolls....same I suggested for combat results - not so much dice roll factor....

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