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CM1 titles for Windows 7

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The latest versions of the CMx1 series (CMBO 1.12, CMBB & CMAK 1.04) should work with Windows 7. Sometimes you may have to set 'affinity' for the game (from the Task Manager or some other special app) to have it play at a normal speed. Also graphical fog is NOT seen in Windows Vista and later. The 'effect' of fog is there, but its graphical representation is not visible with either Nvidia or AMD based video cards.


The campaign system for CMx1 is different from CMx2's. In CMx1 it is typically one large map that gets progressively played on. There are no 'core units' and you don't gain any 'experience levels' or anything of that sort. They are essentially extended battles.


I suggest downloading the demos (CMBB, CMAK and CMBO ) see how well they function with your computer. Most issues should be seen with the demos, though there is no campaign play in any of them.

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The CMx2 series of games (CMSF, CMBN, CMFI, CMRT, etc.) have a different campain style from the CMx1 series. Instead the campaigns are a series of battles with branching depending on how you do within a battle will determine which battle you fight next. Each battle is usually (though not always) fought on a different map. Essentially they are 'linked scenarios'. There are 'core units' of a sort, but they are NOT of the player's choice and you may not always be fighting with them. Each battle dictates the forces that you will be using. There is also no 'experience' gained with any of the units since most campaigns are considered a fairly short window of time, especially the modern combat titles.


So in the end there is no 'grand strategy' that is being worked out with the campaigns. The player is generally NOT allocating forces to each battle or deciding where and when to fight.

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