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Norway joins Axis--what about the coastal garrison MPPs?

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Just noticed a possible inconsistency in the DE tree of AoD (most recent hotfix). If the Axis player opts to spend the money for the Norwegian coastal garrisons and then Norway joins the Axis due to Allied action before the Germans do an invasion, the MPPs for the Norwegian coastal garrisons continue to be deducted from the German MPP account. Seems a bit odd, unless I am misunderstanding what the MPPs are intended to be spent on.


If it is a bug, then I suppose the simplest fix would be to just stop the diversion of MPPs if Norway joins the Axis. Though it might be more fun to give Germany the option of using the funds to upgrade the Norwegian military or create a U-Boat base at Trondhiem or Stavenger (a la the Brest DE). Late in the real war, the U-Boat arm tried to set up in Norway (to escape being overrun in western France,) so it doesn't seem like a totally crazy possibility.

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Hi Buford


I fully understood with the MPPs and thanks for pointing this out. :)


The reason we spread the cost over 5 turns is to relieve the Axis player of the burden of facing a large cost for them in one turn, which would have a greater impact on their preparations for invading France. It's hard to think of a fully satisfactory solution to this, but I've made a note of it to consider a different method.



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