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Battlefront has just posted a hotfix for the v1.03 patch which can be found here:


Please install the v1.03 patch first prior to applying this hotfix as the hotfix is not all inclusive.

The hotfix is installed via the installer by double clicking the hotfix EXE installer file.

The hotfix includes the following CTD corrections:

- fixed a controlled unit movement error (patrat618)

- fixed a rare submarine movement error when the sub is in Silent mode and passes near hidden enemy Destroyers that may interrupt the movement path (rjh1971)

- animate recon error


NOTE: If you are playing a multiplayer game both you and your opponent will need to upgrade to the v1.03.2 Hotfix.

The hotfix will load all v1.03 and v1.03.1 games in progress.

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Hi, I just downloaded the newest AoD patch 1.03.2 Hotfix. My Aod game starts and plays fine but my AoD editor program will no start at all. My cursor appears to be loading the program but then stops without ever starting the Aod editor program. The editor program was working fine before this patch :confused: help me plz. I miss editing the countries :(

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