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I played these games to death when I was still able to run Mac Classic, but the new systems won't allow that.

Has anyone had any success running these on a new Mac under emulation? I've tried a few PC emulators, like PlayOnMac, Wine and Boxer, as well as an OS9 emulator called ChubbyBunny. Some of them 'almost' run the demo, but none of them actually get all the way.

Has anyone had any success running these games on a Mac??

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Your best bet for older games on the newer macs is to use Bootcamp to run windows with PC CM games. Or get an old Mac (cheap as chips) dedicated to the older games - something like an old PowerMac G4 Quicksilver (800MHz) from circa 2002 that could dual boot 9.2.2 / 10.4. Something like a Sonnet processor upgrade could get it chuntering along at 1GHz and a 32mb ATI AGP 7500 radeon card was optimal (with patched drivers) for CM with the ability to display fog etc.

The problem with OS9 emulators is they don't handle the graphics.

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