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AoD Single Player Solomons Campaign AAR

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Hello everyone. I am starting a single player AoD Solomons Campaign and thought I would do a detailed and fun AAR so anyone who is interested can follow along with the action. I have played the SC series a few times and really enjoy the game. Just got my hands on AoC and AoD and this will be my first game in this scenario so I will truly get the fog of war treatment. I will take the side of the Allies as a beginner. Below are my settings and options tables. I prefer using the NATO symbols as it gives me easier visual recognition.


My advanced options screen


The narrative and victory conditions screen. While being able to secure and hold my main bases in the New Hebrides and Australia, I must take all the island chains east of Rabaul along with its capture for a decisive victory.


My next post will discuss the strategic situation as of July 15th 1942 to include current force dispositions, tech levels, and reinforcement ideas. I will also talk strategy for victory. I am not much into reciting game rules or formulas in order to find the best strategy. I am more hands on and "in the field" type of player with a bit of an aggressive streak, for better or worse. I hope everyone enjoys my game and gets some good entertainment out of it. That is why we are all here. Without further delay, the South Pacific awaits!

The Solomons Campaign July 1942-December 1943


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