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Help on Mod Install

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I am trying to find the exact location to install the CMBB Bases mod for the CM Normandy and Red Thunder game. I have used the traditional install option but I can't find the exact location. I did place in z folder but it didn't work


I also downloaded some things for Red Thunder as well, like the floating icon, where do I install this info?


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For PC's, put them in the mod folder in C:/Documents/Battlefront/Combat Mission/Red Thunder/User Data.

No idea about Mac's.

If by any chance you are using a Mac (?):

- the game install will default to the Applications folder;

- in the Applications folder, right click on the relevant app and choose "show package contents";

- the finder window that opens will let you navigate into the contents folder to see first "resources", then "data" folders;

- make a "z" (named to ensure that it is the last loaded, so mod files are used to replace the previously found stock files) folder under "data", and put mod files / folders in there.

Hope this helps.

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