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New Scenario (AD Wires & Rifles) needs testing

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Hi everyone. Time for another scenario. This one has you as a German recon commander running up on some unprepared American troops in Sicily. July 1943. Axis vs AI only. Requires only base CMFI. 1024mx608, 35 minutes.

Please let me know how it plays! Tested in WEGO only, scoring and time limit may need some tweaking.


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I tried out the scenario single player as the germans and thought it played well.

Spoiler alert*************

I thought the time given was o.k. I managed to get a total victory on veteren level (playing turn based) with 7 men killed and 13 wounded and a couple of halftracks immobilised. However you may need to adjust when the American reinforcements enter the battle. I didn't even know they had shown up until the scenario ended and they were still running towards the village - so they played no part in the battle.

Hope that helps and thanks for making the scenario!

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