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New file at the Repository: Mord & DC's CMFI Tokens (2014-02-25)

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NOTE: You need Normal Dude's Official Briefing Graphics Templates modto get themost from this mod. NOTE: Includes CMFI and Gustav content. Created for the scenario designers and AAR enthusiasts, this mod adds a little spice to the generic tokens used in Normal Dude's excellent briefings mod. It provides division backgrounds, national flags, and small patches that can be combined to create customized unit tokens/chits/counters for your AAR screen shots and scenario briefing maps.


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I'm glad you're finding the graphics useful but personally I prefer the silhouettes (although that's just my opinion).

I have many ideas concerning the graphics.

Many ideas, we can created one many interesting variants.

The soldiers in bottom of screen are not badly.

You should not load either too much the briefings, silhouettes are more discrĂȘtes ;)

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