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The Chronicles of KG Skwabie - Campaign of Scenarios

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Been working on it for some time. It's a campaign with a core unit force linking all the single scenarios in CMFI/GL together as a campaign. However there're 34 single scenarios in the install in total, with tweaking the orbats, objectives, reinforcements and all the play-testing it's taken longer than expected. Plus I'm due away for work again without access to my PC. So here's the WIP campaign, linking the first 20 scenarios. The last one is the huge "Lancing the Abscess" battle attacking the Allied landing, so it's got a explosive ending for sure!


Note: I did not make these scenarios! The credits all go to the talented original scenario creators. My effort only goes to making them into a playable CM campaign.

Here's the campaign briefing:

Core Units consists of:

1 Panzer Battalion [heavy] (Schwere Panzer Abteilung 504):

1 x Tiger Company (KG Skwabie)

1 Support Comany

1 Luftwaffe Panzergrenadier Battalion 44 [armored] (1 Rgt./Panzergrenadier Division 2 Hermann Goring):

5 Company (Panzergrenadier)(KG Skwabie)

6 Company (Panzergrenadier)

7 Company (Panzergrenadier)

8 Company (Heavy Weapons)

1 Heavy Panzerjager Company [Elefant] (1 Ko./Schwere Panzer Jager Abteilung 653)

1 Forward Observer Section [armored]

2 Self-Propelled Howitzer Section [medium]:

2 x 3 x 105mm Howitzer (Wespe)

The off board howitzers are rarely used except in large offensive scenarios i.e. "Lancing the Abscess".

ORBATs, unit objectives, and reinforcements try to mimic those set in the original scenarios. However most times you'll have the extra halftracks to serve as ammo carriers/battlefield taxis or, in dire straits, fire support. You will never encounter Allied off board artilleries. They only have on map mortars, but usually so do you.

Some maps were changed to prevent bombardment of setup zones, some had their terrains "flattened" so they were more vehicle friendly, others were simply edited to have some fun:P

About the Elefants: They are monster tank killers. But they bog a helluva lot. Plot their movements with care. And they're not good against infantry because of a single MG mount, lack of turret, slow track traverse and low HE ammo load. Don't let them lead an attack.

Scenarios are purely linear. You get to play everyone of them. Most are very infantry centric, with sporadic tank battles in between, except the very large scenarios. Time limit have all been changed to 4 hours. No rush!

The refit/repair/resupply/rest percentages are universally set as:




REST 100

Let the show begin, and we'll count who's got the most kills at campaign victory screen:D

Note: The contents before the campaign is packed are all included in the download. Feel free to tweak anything and repack it!


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i am:D just finished biazzo ridge, love mounting the pzgrenadiers on halftracks and redeploy them from one map edge to the other. although with its maneuverability one company could do the job of three in this one...

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Hi Skwabie

I really liked your campaign but at the end it startet all over so

I checked the campaign script file and at the last battle it says :

[NEXT BATTLE IF WIN] Bad Day at Beach RED_edited

[NEXT BATTLE IF LOSE] Bad Day at Beach RED_edited


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