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Kohlenklau Vehicle thread

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Am only a few pages in on your kohlenklau learns to mod thread (Vespa optional). The discussion very much reminds me of the early days of building armor models and weathering them. What to put down, where and how much. Weathering sequence, effects of lighting, point oxidation, chipping and such. Pastels were then the rage, for they could achieve effects nothing else could touch. What you're doing is fascinating to watch unfold, but I'll leave the doing to the artistically talented. 


What's the swoopy thing behind the forward mine rails and #24 and #37? Whatever's going on, by #41 it's taken both the front and rear mine rails and turned them into some rather strange shapes not in the original design. Also, and this is nothing on you, but the armor on that halftrack looks impossibly thin. I say this having stood right next to one last year. I remember being surprised at how thick and substantial the armor appeared to be, however not terribly projectile resistant in reality. THe US halftracks are beasts, with a real presence and sense of solidity about them. Precisely what they don't seem to have in the games. This pic and the one after it, both meticulous restorations with full kit, show what I mean.  To be completely on point, here is an M2 halftrack with armor added for the .50 BMG. The M2 is in a winter scheme and was shot in the snow at Thionville, France, January 12, 1944. The HT doesn't appear to have been snowed on, but it has picked up some from trailing another vehicle or vehicles. See particularly the accumulations on the closed radiator armor flaps, the roller and the chains. The snow covers much of the tires, but is practically nonexistent on the tracked portion of the vehicle.




John Kettler 

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This would be umlaut if it was the modding olympics....!



So funny you should choose exactly this pic, Phil.


You see, when I googled my son´s name the other day - this was the first picture to show up (because of similarities between names and that guy´s profession).


So here´s a real pic of my son (taken yesterday):




Hope you like it :D

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Yes, it´s her car in front of the Panther. Here´s Daddy´s:






BTW: It is German Tank Museum, Munster. Great exhibition

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