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Kohlenklau Vehicle thread

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Thanks Mark.

Tommorow AM I will upload it as a CMFI GL BULGE 44 vehicle mod.

Bruce90 already did a quick snow job on a Fuser jeep but I am not sure he uploaded it...

Tashtego and/or some others are doing quick color changes also...

maybe just on CMBN....

Next I think I do a US truck and also do it as damaged for that other thread as a flavor object.

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ok, just one more thing to fix.

I have some areas I can't seem to correlate the in game image to the bmp file locations...the sides of the bogey wheels, sides of the hub of the drive wheel/idler, etc.

I will try for another half-hour...


edit: ok, found them and weathered them but also improperly weathered some areas I think should NOT be rusty. Rubber-rimmed rollers, correct?


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Even if metal, rust wouldn't accumulate on a bogey roller unless it had been stationary for a looong time.

The top picture looks darn near perfect. The 2nd may have too much rust (on front wheel etc). I would happily buy the top one. Congrats!

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Here is the CMFI GL stock 6x6 truck.


first step is to replace the images with the 6x6 truck from CMBN. and add [snow] to the 3 file names...




here is our starting point.


I will first make a layer mask and get to know the hull file. we're looking at whitewash camo and some weathering, rust, mud splatter, etc.

wheel file will get the snow in the tire treads and some weathering on the wheel.

I am not sure what to do with the alpha file. I think that is the windshield? hmmm. I'll save it for last.

Trivia time: although a citation is needed, wikipedia says 812,262 of these were built during WW2.

CCKW was a GMC designation, the first C indicated a vehicle designed in 1941, the second C signifies a conventional cab, the K indicates all-wheel drive and the W indicated tandem rear axles.

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First: Awesome work on your very first mod - you should have seen my first one. I can say with certainty you're much better than I am in that regard. Keep it up!

Second: Erwin, it's much, much easier to do whitewash camo on a plain colored surface than on one with a camo pattern already applied - that's why he took the CMBN truck as base.

Having a second pattern underneath adds to the attractivity, but there are a lot of vehicles without snow camo, so I'm sure we'll see something like it in time.

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Thanks Earl. I am standing on the shoulders of others in many ways, so nothing has gone to my head.

This is fun and I feel like a landscaper on a golf course. I just sat for a month with a swiss army knife clipping the grass around the 1st hole tee. Maybe 0.1% of the golf course is complete!!!

But I had a nice thought. When CM Bulge does come out. 2015? Most likely the vehicle bmp files will stay the same, right? Most of what I do should be importable I would think. Am I sniffing glue on this issue?

GMC CCKW. Erwin, I went to the non-camo version because I am aiming for Bulge 44 and I think the CMBN June 44 version of the truck is more appropriate for the later December 1944 timeframe I am focused on.

My wife is back in town and asks why the scaffolding is still in the kitchen...

Today might NOT be a modding day after all. :(

EDIT: Note to self...reapply for the US Government grant to fund my CM vehicle modding. The US must pull ahead of the Germans, Spaniards and British with regards to vehicle modding.

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Making the CCKW's layer mask.

Recapping from my earlier posts:

How exactly do you make the mask.bmp from a regular bmp?

I googled a while and then just started farting around.

The best I can get is images-adjustments-brightness/contrast and just pegging both settings all the way to the right.

Rambler then gave some advice:

"You actually don't need to create a whole new file for your mask. Open up the wheels bmp and hit CTRL+J. This will duplicate the background onto a new layer. On this new layer, convert it to grayscale, or desaturate it with SHIFT+CTRL+U, and hit CTRL+L to mess with the levels to get the desired effect you want. At this point, create your layer mask and proceed as before."

Someone else told me a tip:

paraphrasing...when you have the new layer above your background, ctrl-c copy your new layer mask image to your clipboard, go active in that new layer, hit the layer mask button, then alt-left click on the new box (on the right) for the layer mask and ctrl-v paste the layer mask file into that box.

So, be right back....

EDIT: OK, so, it was real easy with those ctrl this and ctrl thats.

I started slapping on some whitewash in a purposeful crude manner.

Now I see it aint easy to see where the edges of components are on this particular hull file.

I had this thread open with the truck's screenshot and would alt-tab back and forth while working in photoshop. I tried but couldn't yet find the front grill work.

I have seen guys use weird colors all over the file to see what turns up where.

Idea: I will copy the layer I have done this little test whitewash on and put it above the layer with the layer mask. I can use it to see if I need to go a bit more in a particular direction to get the front of the hood for example.


EDIT #2: I went ahead and did a little bit on the wheels, set-up the layer mask and started a bit of winter weathering to get rid of that green tone.


EDIT #3: I fixed down by the front of the hood and took a stab at what might have been the front grill work. But it was wooden slats up in the cargo bed. For soldiers to lean their sleepy heads against I guess.


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Not that they are comparable, but I probably have designed close to six thousand portraits to get to the point I am at now. Vehicles and uniforms are a thousand times harder but you get ten or twenty under your belt and you'll probably have them mastered. One of the best and worst things that can happen is that you'll get a bunch of stuff modded and then all of a sudden discover a new technique that catapults your work to a new level, and then you look back on everything that's come before and go crazy until you can redo them! I still tweak stuff and really wish I had the ambition to go back and remake my CMSF and CMA mods.

Nice work, man. Keep at it and by the time the Bulge title comes out you'll be as fluent in whitewash as Aris is in dirt.


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Thanks Mord.

I sincerely plan to keep vehicle modding. It is fun and rewarding. And I do see that certain effects can be achieved quicker once you actually know what you did to make it happen.

Maybe like accidentally making a delicious cocktail. Everyone says it tastes great but then you can't remember how to make it again.

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I messed around with trying to have a partially burned truck (GMC CCKW) but it always looked crappy so I have shelved that idea FOR NOW.

Instead I am now trying to learn how to get a chain link pattern into my image. I am gonna try and do that winter camo Sherman. I think it is an M4A3, not sure if it is early, mid or just M4A3. I will go bust out one of my Zaloga books. "Thunderbolts" or something like that, about the Shermans...


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