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Please help me find ideas for military signs

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Thanks 3j2m7, great site, I read it after having it translated.

Thanks Wicky, lot of great material there.


Well, it may be hard to see, but yes, I did have a lower layer of wood and then on the text layer did a brush pattern in eraser mode and you could see the underlaying wood as if the paint was scratched. On the "O" and the "F".

It is subjective to decide on the proper amount of such weathering. If you wanted a custom sign and asked for heavy scratch type weathering, I would gladly oblige.

All 3 of you, name your town(s)...! I will make you a custom sign if you so desire for a scenario, etc.

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I am going through the building images and seeing if I can make a hotel and restaurant more suited for CMFI GL Bulge 44. I am also looking at the posters in the flavor objects.

We'll see what I can take from the decal sheet and get into the mod...

I will try for this...


OK, in the brz data folders in the folder buildings then in folder independent, "100 and 104" are the garage slanted roof type building.

"101 and 105" are the shops with the awning.

"102 and 106" and "103 and 107" seem to be restaurant/hotel type places.

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some great stuff at internationalposter.com for duh..posters!

easy to resize to 256 by 512

such as this...


I want to put a big ad on a barn wall.


shouldn't be too hard...

But today is Daisy's day, so buildings will have to wait.

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