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CMx1 screen resolutions

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I've never personally used the Nvidia driver scaling functions. It's possible that whatever 'refresh' the game needs (Alt-Tab'ing out and then remaximizing the game) to run at a normal speed is getting tripped up by the driver's scaling settings.


The easiest path (and I don't know how good this may look on your monitor) is to probably use the monitor's scaling functions instead:


OSD > Image Control > Custom Scaling > 'Fill to Aspect Ratio'.


This will result in black bars on the sides, but everything should supposedly be in the correct aspect ratio (not 'crushed', etc.). The CMx1 series only offered 4:3 aspect ratio resolutions and your display's vertical resolution ('1050') is a limiting factor here, with resolutions that have a corresponding vertical resolution of '1024' typically being offered for it.


I'm not sure if any Nvidia driver for Windows 10 64-bit will resolve this issue. The ones available from 'geforce.com' that are WHQL releases are: 352.84, 353.30, 353.62 and the latest one (which you are currently running) 355.60. I don't know if it would be worth your time to experiment to see if any of these would work. If you DO decide to experiment, I suggest performing 'custom' installs and selecting the 'clean install' check box in order to make sure your getting a good driver install.

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