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Any chance of getting a "hot patch" for this issue? Frustrating to spend 30 minutes on a turn only to see it go away.

While I'm on the subject I have a request: Can we get an option that automatically saves the turn while you are working on it? I don't know if it is possible to do this but it would be nice.

The whole idea of keeping people honest with the replay counter is nice but in all my years of playing the SC series I've never had a opponent that I haven't trusted. It would be nice to have a feature to turn it off so that an automatic save feature could be added.

More of a wish since I know little about coding but I thought I'd chime in with the request.

Thanks, I'm loving the new game :)

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Considering it was supposedly done three weeks ago...I dont think it's unreasonable to ask every few days. If you don't like that, tough ****.

I can confirm that we are testing the patch. Hubert made it a priority to get this into the testers hands before leaving on a short and well-earned break. If you can be patient for a few more days, it will be greatly appreciated. Sometimes schedules slip, for reasons beyond our control.

I don't think Ancient Demon meant any offense to be taken from his comment, and he does have a point. My suggestion: a little patience, politeness and respect for others works just as well on a forum as in everyday life.

Thanks for hanging in there :)

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In this day and age, no one should be surprised that "things" take longer.:( After all this is the age of "compliance", the era of 10,000 laws and be sure, you're probably breaking one of them and someone may be watching.:eek:

Be....bery..bery careful!:rolleyes:

Probably NSA and CSIS, for starters. In fact now that I have posted those acronyms, a web crawler will now be stalking me :D

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