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Andrew Kulin

CM Loads Slowly (@ 29%)

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An update.


I just replaced my AMD HD6970 2GB video card with an ASUS 970 GTX with 4 GB of RAM.  Before making the change I measured load time for three PBEMs I am playing, one each for CMBN, CMFI, CMRT, all games fully patched to latest versions.  Immediately after installing the new card I remeasured the times.  All quality factors best/best.  Times (min:sec) as shown are HD6970 (2GB) vs GTX 970 (4GB):


  • CMBN - Gourbeville:  1:26 vs. 0:40 (53% improvement)
  • CMFI - Forest of Wild Beasts:  1:34 vbs. 0:49 (48% improvement)
  • CMRT - Red Hordes:  1:25 vs. 0:43 (49% improvement)

So I take from this the video card plays a role in the load times.  Since I upgraded to a significantly faster card with double the RAM I cannot say if the roughly 50% imporvemnt in load times I saw on my limited sample are due to the speed/capability of the card, or the amount of available Video Card RAM (I doubled from 2 to 4 GB), or both.  But the card does seem to make a big improvement.


For a comparison I loaded up CW Holy Ground, the game that was taking about 3:30 (my original posts last year) to load and tried running a new game (single player, not PBEM - that old PBEM would not work anyway since it was played older version of CMBN).  I did not think to try this with my previous HD6970 video card, but on the 970GTX, load times was 0:34, about a 7X improvement.  This may not be an apples to apples comparison (PBEM, ver 1.01 vs. single player 3.11)

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