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AoD Official AAR/Walkthrough #2!!!

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So who won?

I think Marc was going to win this one quite readily. American help would be too late to save China, and India also had a very thin defense. Hubert has actually tweaked that a tiny bit with the last patch, so that India at least has a kind of home guard/garrisons in her port cities.

Russia was in pretty good shape, but with the UK not putting up much of a threat yet, Marc was able to ensure that his forces out-numbered mine by a good percentage.

As always, I learned a lot from playing with Marc. Production and Industry tech is important for all countries, most particularly USA, Russia, Britain and China on the Allied side. While it is important for Britain to keep something in the UK for 1940, it is also good to spend some funds on building the "minor" units available for Egypt and India.

Thanks again for following our AAR.

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