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Vein's CW troops Tropical [WIP]

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Well playing around tonight there really is no need to restrict yourself to 5 facial types when you can add #6 (or 7 or 8...)

I merely named the following enlisted-basic uk soldier files from a 5 to a 6.

The modified files are changed thusly to 6.



uk-soldier-skin 6.bmp [added a mustache to the graphic]

uk-soldier-skin 6_normal map.bmp

And the enlisted mustached UK soldier is relatively rare like 1 in 10. Not common at all.

I suppose if you want officers only with mustaches (or red head officers-or bearded officers etc) you play with uk officer mds files.

Joking aside-Tommie looked distinct from US soldiers.

So you can have a red head.:) Your CW soldiers will now look distinct from that rabble from the colonies.

OH! What a lovely war.



Damned if I know what the K.R.s say about cookie dusters -Im'ma Yank.

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Absolutely brilliant.

My old man used to say that in Africae the call he always heard was "Come on get your knees brown". He ended up in Ethopia in 1941 a campaign he described as particularly savage.

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Love the moustache. Looks very Brit now.

To be really accurate, Brit officers would have receding chins per the ruling/officer class of the time (as in "bloody chinless wonder will get us all killed").

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