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I googled CTVs and the only thing I could find was another post by Sea Monkey:

Hey Al, the other night we were playing the Gold BF release and I noticed my CVs taking a lot of damage from air attacks on KM CAs. Looking at the CTVs I'm noticing that they (KM vessels) start out with 2 air defense and then upgrade at 0.5 for each level of anti-air.

Wouldn't it be more realistic to start naval vessels without any (0) value for AD and then move up 1 for each level of tech for anti-air. Remember at the beginning of WW2, no one really gave any credence to the fact that bombers were effective at destroying naval vessels as they turned out to be.

Which was followed by this post:

Whats a KM vessel?

Ill look at it

lol sorry to share but I found that funny as hell haha

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Come on guys, it's "not nice" to make fun of senior citizens, bad karma!:P And besides, you guys are supposed to be veterans, you're suppose to dwell within the depths of the game, the foundations of unit interaction, "The CTVs"!:eek:

Look in your tiny, little baby printed manual, the one you need a magnifying glass to read, in the back, the spreadsheet, Combat Target Values!:confused:

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Nobody is actually privy to the release date just yet as we are still finalizing... but hopefully soon enough if all goes well in our final test rounds over the next week or so.

Keep in mind the new Global campaign has been accurately described as a monster and so getting it right takes some time.

Also, Abukede is volunteering his time to do the AARs/Walkthroughs and we appreciate his efforts, as well as all of our Beta testers because quite honestly the game just would not be the same without them :)

Hope this helps,


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A Global WW2 game takes a very long time to get right. You always run into balancing problems because Germany has several paths to pursue.

Two main issues in a global game, from my experience, are China and Russia. Balancing China so it doesn't get slaughtered early is tough.

Balancing a full all out attack on the USSR from Germany and Japan for the win is another tight balancing issue.

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Just for the record my Haha, yes comment was directed at sea monkey's use of CTvs. He had me stumped and I asked what he meant by that. I was saying Yes we will show them during the AAR/walk through.

I have no idea when the game will be released. That is up to Hubert and Battlefront. A lot of work is going into it and if I had to guess we are several months away.

Sorry to unintentionally offend.

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Dying patiently for the game to come out. This is the best WWII strategy game since Sid Meier's Crusade in Europe. If you can find an Atari or Commodore emulator it can be found and played. One cool thing about that game is it had a HUGE map and was real time before real time was defined. You would give an order to a division and it would move, attack, defend, go into reserve, etc.... based on the type of unit, experience, the terrain and the weather. You would never know for sure if your troops would get to a place quickly. For a game that came out in the early 80's it was ahead of its time. I would love to see the next generation of SC to be a modernized and advanced version.

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