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I have just ordered a complete new PC. How do I go about making my games, CMA, CMSF + All modules, & CMBN + Commonwealth work on my new computer. Will there be any problems? Also why do I have to do this?

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I assume that you are NOT going to play these games on the old computer, is that correct ? If so, then...

CMA, CMSF and its modules use eLicense. This copy-protection system has an 'unlicense' function. For CMA this should be fairly straightforward. There is a link in the Start Menu group for the game within the 'Licensing' folder. Unlicense the game (you will need to be connected to the internet to do this). You should hopefully get a success message at the end of unlicensing. To double-check that the game has been unlicensed, try to run it. If you get the license dialog box, then the game has been successfully unlicensed. If you make it to the game's main menu, then the licensing really wasn't successful and you may need to try again with the unlicensing shortcut.

CMSF and its modules are a bit more complex. Like CMA, there should be shortcuts for unlicensing within the CMSF Start Menu group. Each module should have one in the 'Licensing' folder. You may want to try unlicensing in this order:


British Forces


You should get a 'success' message with each unlicensing. With an install of a module, you will be unable to unlicense the base game IF you originally activated its license. There is a way to possibly unlicense the base game, but it takes some time to do.

Checking a CMSF unlicensing is a bit time consuming, but it can be done. This is the way to be thorough about it, but again it will take some time and patience:

1) Unlicense the NATO module.

2) Run CMSF, you should be prompted to activate the NATO module if you have been successful in unlicensing it.

3) Install the 1.21 patch. Make sure to select the modules that you have installed (Marines and British Forces). With this patch install you are removing references to the NATO module in the executable (though some files from the module will still be present).

4) Run CMSF. It should run and get you to the main menu and have all of the appropriate modules still present.

5) Unlicense the British Forces module.

6) Run CMSF and confirm that the British Forces module requests to be activated. If it does, then you have been successful in unlicensing it.

7) Install the 1.11 patch. Make sure to select 'Marines' as the module to patch.

8) Run CMSF. You should now see that you're at 1.11 and you can see the Marine module in the main menu.

9) Unlicense the Marine module.

10) Run CMSF and you should be prompted to license the Marine module.

11) If you activated the base game, then you may need to know what patch level you were at when you originally activated the game. This may require you to reinstall CMSF.

12) Run CMSF and confirm that it runs.

13) Unlicense CMSF.

14) Run CMSF and confirm that it requests to be activated.

For some customers they may have a 'bundle' of CMSF + Marines, in which case unlicensing the Marines module would be the last step. Bundles of the modules will usually have each one separately licensed (even if it is the same license key), so each module will need to be separately unlicensed.

With CMSF, you do NOT need to activate the license key for the base game (if your base game had its own license key). Instead you can activate the first module you install (in the order of Marines, British Forces and NATO) and the base game will activate too (and it is one less license key you need to worry about licensing and unlicensing).

With CMBN and Commonwealth there is NO unlicensing feature. Basically you have used up an activation on this computer and on your new one you will use another activation. You do not need to uninstall the game, you can leave it in place if you want to (there's no advantage to deleting it unless you desire to).

When you reinstall CMBN and Commonwealth you can activate the game with just the Commonwealth license key. If you have a 'bundle' of the two, then this is already the procedure that you have to use. If you have separate base game and module license keys, then this can be used too. The Commonwealth module will need to be installed BEFORE you activate with the Commonwealth license key. This would be the installation procedure to use:

1) Install CMBN.

2) Install the Commonwealth module.

3) Launch CMBN and activate the Commonwealth module.

4) Check that you're at version 1.10 and that you can see both icons in the lower left corner of the main menu (a Sherman and a Cromwell). Double-check that you have access to the Commonwealth content by launching a Commonwealth battle (names preceded by a 'CW' in the list).

5) Install the 1.11 patch. Make sure to check BOTH 'Update CMBN' and 'Update Commonwealth Forces Module'.

6) Launch CMBN and confirm that you are at version 1.11 and that you can see both icons in the lower left corner. Launch a Commonwealth battle to ensure you have access to Commonwealth content.

With all of these steps you may want to temporarily disable your security software. You may also want to add 'exceptions/exclusions/ignores' within your security software for the executable files in each game/module. With CMSF and CMA you may also have to double-check DEP (Data Execution Prevention). It's possible your new computer may need these settings for these games.

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My new pc has arrived. I shall start the CMSF unliscening process in a short while. One more thing. I also have CMA, I bought it in 2010. But I have lost the installation files for that, how do I go about getting them again. Dont tell me I have to buy the game again.

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Open a ticket in the Helpdesk and we will be able to help you there further. There will be a $5.00 re-purchase fee and we will need your CMA license key.

Downloads last for 365 days or 10 download attempts (whichever occurs first). With the re-purchase you will be getting another license key and the old one will be deactivated. You will then have another 365 days or 10 download attempts.

Please make a permanent backup of your installer (recordable CD/DVD, USB flash memory drive, another hard drive, etc.). The intent behind the download service is ONLY to get an installer out to the customer. Due to the costs involved (a third party hosts the files and charges us bandwidth fees), we cannot allow for indefinite access to the files. So a permanent backup on the customer's part is expected with downloads.

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