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Mortarman Deke

Uploaded New T-55 Mountain Factory Mission

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As soon as the Battlefront.com administrators clear the file I just uploaded this one will be available for download from the Battlefront.com Repository. The file name is T-55 Mountain Factory.

In this mission you are part of a T-55A crew in support of an assault on a secluded industrial zone located in the mountains.

The cache file is: MountainFactory t55.ca

The script file is: MountFac t55.pd

This is an enhancement to the T-55 Breakthrough Mission - Mission 3 in the T-72 BOF campaign.

Here is the mission summary:

Your T-55A crew is to support the capture of a secluded industrial zone from enemy forces. The allied forces you are supporting consist of two teams each being a T-72B and an infantry squad. Your orders are to arrive at allied front lines north of your current position and move out with allied forces firing at will at enemy forces.

Intell reports that enemy forces have no less than four countermech' squads dug in around the industrial zone, and have what appears to be two maneuver elements. One is an infantry squad, and the other is a tank/infantry combat team consisting of 2 Leopard 1A4 tanks and a detachment of RPG gunners.

Commander's Intent is to eradicate the enemy forces in the area so that allied forces can collect the petroleum and metal resources located throughout the industrial zone structures.

Good use of terrain in this mission is critical. The enemy units are crack shots with their Sprut-B and B-11 anti-tank guns, and the Leopard 1A4 crews are veterans of many battles.

Recommendation, if you have not already done so, set your player's tank armor to 2.0 versus 1.0 to get a more realistic and enjoyable experience playing this mission. Enjoy!

Happy Holidays!

Mortarman Deke

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One thing I want to mention about the T-55 Mountain Factory mission. When the 2 T-72's and infantry squads move out, the script file has a command in it to have one of the T-72 commanders tell everyone in radio contact to "Spread out!". To have this voice command executed, please copy (hit Ctrl c keys) the sound file "Person_call03.wav" from the SOUNDS folder located in your Battlefront folder in the following location: Battlefront\T-72 Balkans on Fire\DATA\SOUNDS.

Once you have copied the Person_call03.wav file, paste it in your TASKS folder located in your Battlefront folder at the following location: Battlefront\T-72 Balkans on Fire\DATA\SOUNDS\TASKS.

Doing this allows the script file to actuate the voice command "Spread out!". It's up to you if you want to have this voice command in your mission. If you want it, follow the above steps, and it will be there. Thanks!

Mortarman Deke

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