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Newbie Help - Grids

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Hello All:

I don't know if I am crazy or not but I just bought CMBB. (I have been playing CMBN and CMFI a little). I am interested in CMBB for the setting, the possibility of operations, and hopefully, it will require less micro-management that I seem to get into with CMFI.

I know there are millions of mods out there. But I want to start with something simple, i.e. grids to help me see elevation changes. If you could recommend one that would be great.

Also is there a different grid needed for different landscape (steppe vs grass, etc.)?



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Yes, the grid is part of the terrain tile itself IIRC. So, you are replacing all existing tiles with gridded versions (be sure to save the originals in case you want to go back to default).

(There are also many terrain version mods that can make elevation levels easier to see without grids.)

You'll have to search the Repository (and possibly CMMODS) for these grid mods. They definitely exist.

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You're not crazy, Gerry.

If you are, so am I - and I'm pretty sure about me.

CMBB is a great game - so much scope - the armies of 7 different nations plus Partisans, and 4 years worth of TO & E's to play with.

Your first stop for Mods is GAJ's Mod Warehouse:


You need to Register here - it's easy - so that you can DL Mods.

I don't use elevation Mods myself, so I can't guide you there, but if you search 'grid' in the 'search mods' box, you will find the whole range - the ones for CMBB are clearly marked as such in the 'mod type' column.

Before messing with Mods, MAKE A BACKUP COPY of the BMP Folder in your CMBB directory, and put it somewhere safe - this is your Original, Untouched one.

Do this every time that you are about to try new Mods - so that if you don't like the new look, you can revert back to your last saved BMP folder.

You will also want to eventually Mod all your game for Winter - this is one of those undertakings that is pretty exhausting, but once it's done, it's done.

You could always get someone to send you a copy of their BMP folder via Dropbox, if you like the look of the Mods they've chosen - there's a LOT OF MODS - and whole schools of styles!

The Club Erwin and I belong to - WeBoB:


has many members still very actively playing CMBB - we're currently just wrapping up a huge tournament, and there will be more soon.

You may wish to join - if so, you will need a Sponsor.

Feel free to ask if & when you're interested.

Meanwhile, best of luck with Modding - but don't let it replace actually playing the game!

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Hey GerryCMBB, you will be enjoying your purchase for a long time I am pretty sure. May I direct you to this link: http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=88284

Within this link are links for ROQC, RobO's Quick Campaign Generator, for both CMBB and CMAK. These links should be working, if not, at CMMODS (after you register) just look up author RobO and download them that way.

If you are interested in a core force campaign layer this is a great creation for just that. More info provided in the above link.

Enjoy and good hunting.

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Very handy info, Blazing 88's - I've had a bit of fun with ROQC.

Just wanted to add as well that although CMBB looks graphically primitive straight out of the box, when Modded it can look a hell of a lot better.

On the left hand side of the main CMMODS page, you can click on 'Downloads' under CMBB, and this will take you to the most popular mods - for example the various Sky Mods that will improve the look of your game immensely.

Ditto the Uniform Mods - e.g. the ones by AndrewTF.

When choosing Terrain Mods, you may want to try out a few packages - personal taste will determine which scheme you like.


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Backing up your BMP folder is very good advice.

I also use JoneSoft generic mod enabler - JSGME for short, have a dig around the net for it, I think it's up to version 2.6ish these days. JSGME lets you enable packages (mods), tells you what files will conflict and backs them up when you enable the mods. This lets you add/remove different mods without having to take multiple backups or revert to totally unmodded etc. Many modding communities use it these days, I found it when I started modding Silent Hunter 3.

I'll second the ROCQ recommendation. Goes a long way in adding a little extra something to playing quick battles.

Anyway, whatever you do have fun. At this stage I too prefer CM1 to CM2.


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Oh, don't be too harsh on us simple-minded manual-modders, GaJ. McMMM, CMMOS and JSGME are all well and good if you are savvy and intend to do some frequent swapping-out (i.e. regularly switch mods to make your units more specific to a particular campaign etc). But they all require a little effort to learn/use. For example, for your McMMM you have 5 rules for mod-makers, including creating subfolders for different versions instead of modifying the names of the bitmap, and told not to put zips inside zips (see note below) and so on. And for CMMOS there's a different format required, and for JSGME its different again (I use that one for Silent Hunter). Now, I never use mod-managers for Combat Mission and, like many mod-makers, I have not made my mods in those formats. So as a gamer, you will almost certainly have to learn how these mod-manager programs work and sometimes put the effort in yourself to format the mods to get them to work properly.

And yet not everyone is that computer-savvy. So if you only look at mods to generally improve your stock BMP set (e.g. I just want a better church than the default), and that once you're happy then it's there for good, without swapping them around for different scenarios, then its simpler to make a backup copy your existing folder or the bitmaps concerned and do it manually. And it makes sense to make a back-up copy of all your bitmaps anyway and place them all on another drive, disk or memory stick, just in case your computer dies.

Note on zips inside zips - I've seen this, and sometimes done it myself, because in the past (maybe windows 98?) I've used machines or unzippers that would ignore an unzipped subfolder inside a zip, and so just unzip the main folder (or unzip the main folder then unzip the subfolder and over-write the main folder). So you'll sometimes see old-timer modders like me having in the past sometimes put zips inside zips to avoid the problem.

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I make back-ups of my BMP folders so I can easily swap Theater Mods.

For example, I've got a BMP folder for CMBB that I use to play Spanish Civil War scenarios - it's a combination of Magomar's SCW Mods and Eichenbaum's Storfang Mods - looks great - as much like Spain as CMBB can :)

Ditto, I've got a CM:Pacific BMP folder for CMAK that Mods that game to look like jungle islands and coral atolls.

I've got Streety's excellent Western Front Mod package in another CMAK BMP folder.

I find it easy to just switch the various BMP folders, depending on how I want the game to look.

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Hi, There!

Just wanted to second and comment on, Streety's and Cranky's posts regarding backup BMP folders.

I've played/modded CMBO for many years. I just bought CMAK (I've had CMBB since it came out, but haven't felt the need to mod it yet), and it suits my needs and playing style to have SEVERAL backups of the ENTIRE BMP, Scenarios, and Wav folders.

For my ease, I have a folder ["CMAK Backup" for example] containing subfolders ["CMAK Original," "CMAK ETO," "CMAK Pacific," etc.] that each have a BMP, Scenarios, and Wav subfolder specific to each "theater."

For me. it is much easier and simpler to swap the entire folder set whenever I want to play, or experiment with modding in, each specific "theater."

Although I do have (and have used) CMMOS [for CMBO], at this late date it is simply too hard to work with --

-- I can't find all the "rulesets" that were produced in previous years;

-- While it is (fairly) easy to write your own "Rules" and "Rulesets" [using the instructions that come with CMMOS], it requires another time-consuming effort on your part [when you should be practicing your tactics];

-- The "FileLists" that come with CMMOS (listing the files to be copied/replaced) are not 100% accurate [not taking anything away from the massive effort it took to produce them in the first place -- just a warning that ANY use of "automated editors" may sometimes end up with you, the End-User, having to do minor corrections manually anyway, so listen to Streety);

-- Like Streety says, once you have found a replacement bitmap that you like, you generally don't change it again.

So, start with some downloaded "Grid" terrain replacement modded bitmaps, try different ones, and choose one you like.

Then, check out the other mods available (uniforms, vehicles, etc.) and pick your favorites.

Only if, after becoming familiar with the CMBB game and its available mods, you want to "swap" different bitmaps on a continuing basis, THEN investigate the available "automated editors" (and learn to use them).

[ROQC, RobO's Quick Campaign Generator, is a great program. It generates Campaigns (a series of related Quick Battles, actually, with "core units" that you choose and carry over through the series), not bitmap changes.

Try that when you have exhausted all the "stock" Battles and Operations that came with CMBB.

Just my two cents.


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And beyond the stock Battles & Ops that come with CMBB are HUNDREDS more made by us fans - many of very high quality.

You can DL entire packages of them sorted by year (1941-45; and outside that box as well) from CMMODS.

Use the Search term 'Sorted'.

To find even more - many with detailed reviews - go to:


You can sort these by rating, most downloaded, etc.

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