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Can't Run Patched Game

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[Never mind, I got it working. Apparently I accidentally checked off the "NATO Module" in addition to the "Marine" and "British" Modules when I ran the patcher. I solved the problem by purchasing the "NATO Module" :-)]

I downloaded Patch 131 and am trying to run the game after patching. I've tried entering in both my original Combat Mission ShockForce key which I received July 5, 2007 when CMSF came out and my CMSF British Forces key, neither of them work. I haven't tried my Marine Modules key yet since I'm not altogether sure where it is, but I've probably got it somewhere in some e-mail folder.

Am I doing something wrong here? The CMSF key I'm using was contained in an e-mail for my pre-order and is listed right below the line: "IF YOU PURCHASED A DOWNLOADABLE ITEM YOUR LICENSE CODE AND DOWNLOAD LINK WILL BE PRINTED BELOW:" then there's a little table with a column labelled License Code. I presume that's the code the game is asking for after patching?

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