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CMSF Mojo Returned - Op TELIC Campaign/Missions

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Down town Al Faw


Arch Gateway into Al Faw, on main road from MMS.


Communication Tower on MMS site, it's behind the camera on picture 4 in the previous post. Note the cruciform antenna in both photos.


Sea King dropping supplies into the MMS.


40 Cdo forming up to move out of the MMS. Note-outside of villages and towns, all ground apart from the roads and tracks, which were on berms, was no-go for vehicles. Deep mud from when the area had been flooded previously.


On the night, the mortars were used mainly for illumination, although I recall at least one HE mission was called. The vast majority of close support was provided by AC-130, there was evidence of their accurate fire on trenches to the north of the MMS. The guns of my regiment, 29 Commando RA, were initially involved in supporting preplanned fire to the north, from their positions on Bubyan island. 8 Bty gun group were flown across the border on the afternoon of the 21st into a position I had recce'd with BRF about 2 km from the MMS.

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Hi Folks, Been away for a while - marriage and emigration and other stuff take up a lot of your time as I have now discovered. Been working on an Op TELIC campaign for a bit - still a while off

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Kirkee Tim ... this campaign will not do justice to what you did out there and while I've had a good crack at the maps ... based on your photos I am not going to come close to replicating the ground. This campaign will be a while off yet - well it has been a while as it stands - it is something I am determined to finish.

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