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How to get Norton to stop deleting your module

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Maybe this ought to be in the tech section? It has apparently happened to a bunch of us with Norton antivirus, and I found the directions in the other thread on this topic to not be entirely clear. The problem is that even if you turn off Norton AV during the install of the commonwealth module, when Norton goes back on, it finds and deletes its exec. file. BF has explained this phenomenon in another thread. Norton is doing its job, but false positives are frustrating.

Here is what to do:

1. On the main Norton screen click on "History" under "Computer Protection."

2. On the history screen, scroll down the recent events on the left side until you come to "commonwealth.exe" or any other file that looks like that.

3. Click on the file on the list, and a choice will come up on the right side to "restore and remove from threat list" or something like that. Click on that.

That did it for me.

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