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Brute Force '42 V1.01

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Ran into a saved game problem- when I tried to reload my saved game, it gives me a message saying..."Could not find directory 1942 Brute Force_Temp, loading game without customization".

So the game loads fine, it's just countries have the wrong flags and so do their fighting forces (i.e.- the Common Wealth British armies of India have Switzerland flags and the description even reads Switzerland? The Swiss flag flies over Bombay?) Similar in other Common Wealth minors.

I'm sure this is a simple fix in the game files but I'm far from competent in switching things around.

Any help?

Also, another 'odd' thing I noticed from Brute Force '39 (pre-patch) I had a Soviet engineer building a improved position just north of Leningrad. When it completes the position an error message pops up saying..."Could not draw sprite, blah, blah blah..." and it then CTD saying GC.exe has stopped working.

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H Dellinger327,

Sorry about that and here is a quick download link to a hotfix that will correct the 1942 Brute Force campaign for you:


Note, you'll have to start a new game for it to take effect.

For the Engineer issue, I believe this has also been fixed with the v1.01 patch.


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