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I received a email today for the 1.07 patch and the pre ordered Gold set- up. I installed the game after patching the game to 1.07

When installing the Gold file my AVG virus program came across

c:\program files (x86)\Battlefront\Strategic Command Global Conflict Gold\sc2glib.dll

Threat name: Virus found Win32/Heur

detected on open

This happens when you click on the game to play after the install. I have installed the game three times and it does this.

Game will not open after clicking the desktop icon

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The "Heur" in "Win32/Heur" stands for "heuristic". This basically means "guessing". In other words, it's not a known virus but something that looks iffy to the anti-virus program. This can be a useful option, but it's also prone to "false positives".

Well, guess what, the game is encrypted as a protection against hackers and the anti-virus can't decode it, so it simply assumes the worst. This happens with all encrypted games at one point or another.

You have a couple of options basically:

- disable heuristic scanning in your AV program

- set an exception for the program in question ("whitelist")

Contacting your AV software vendor and letting them know about this "false positive" will also ensure that they will add it to their next virus definitions and make it go away.

Our Knowledgebase at www.battlefront.com/helpdesk also has a number of details about anti-virus problems and what you can do about them.

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moon, what should I do? I moved it to the vault?

the game still will not start, this is not right I never have a problem before ever adding any games from battlefront, I am not a happy camper right now

it keeps giving me this file as a threat


do i move to vault? eliminate?

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The file is not a virus. So there is no need to do anything. If you remove the file, then the game won't run.

So simply choose to ignore it, or whitelist it, or shut off heuristic scanning. How to do this depends on what AV you are using, and you will have to contact the people who made the AV you're using for instructions (we have instructions for a few of the common programs in our Knowledgebase I think).

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this is not right I never have a problem before ever adding any games from battlefront

Right, it's technically not a problem with our games, it's a problem with your anti-virus program settings. If you let your AV run heuristic scanning, you have to accept certain false positives. You're asking your AV program to guess, and it will not guess right 100% of the time. You have to adjust your AV settings to make it work. On my end, I have heuristic scanning enabled as well (it can be useful), but I have set it so that it never acts without my approval (i.e. it only prompts for action), and I also have certain known programs that I know are ok whitelisted.


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I am having the same problem as Preusse and huhr are having. I am running AVG anti virus software with Vista 32 bit. I put both the .dll and .exe files in the Potentially Unwanted Programs exceptions list to no avail. AVG does not let the program launch.

I would rather NOT disable heuristic scanning since it does server a useful security purpose.

I don't have problems with any other software that I launch and never had a problem in the past loading Battlefront's software.

Please help! Getting a little frustrated...

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You may want to experiment with disabling the heuristics and see if it leads to any different results. It is the 'Resident Shield' that you will most likely want to modify the behavior of since this is what catches most activity on the computer.

You may also want to exclude the entire 'path' for the Gold edition (again for the 'Resident Shield') and see if this results in anything different. You may also want to double-check any 'quarantines' in case some files have been moved there (which will prevent the game from working).

Do you have other eLicense games on this computers ? Previous Battlefront releases of the Strategic Command series use eLicense, with the exception of SC WW1.

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This is the problem with the sc2glib.dll file on the AVG. This is what happens- keep the sc2glib.dll file in the exception list and go to the section on the scheduled scan. I also unchecked the heuristic box since when the computer did a scheduled scan I think it might have prevented the game from working. Also, go to the vault and eliminate all the previous files that were found as viruses, malware etc.

Lastly, send a ticker to AVG about this and hopefully they can fix it. Let us know what happens, I think shrull is correct with the quarantine section, that might be the problem, the heuristics option is a small box under the scan schedule section, that was a hard place to find it when Moon told me about heuristics.

without heuritics scanned big problems?

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I had the same problem with AVG. So, I went - twice! - to the program and set the exclusion for those two .dll files and re-started the computer both times. Ran okay yesterday. Today, I turn on the computer and the AVG program not only says that the GC Gold .dll file is a virus but removes it from the file and puts it in their "Virus Vault". Okay, I think, how hard can this be and go to the Vault to 'Restore' the file to the program folder. Not allowed; get an error message that says to us 'Restore as'. So I do that and get the same error message. Thinking I've made an error, I redo the entire process and get the same results. Went to the AVG site and got a PIN # for a support phone call. See, if I turn off the computer and wait too long the AVG program will delete the file. Nice. So I call support and a very nice-sounding man tells me that I will be getting an email from him with instructions on how to correctl do the exception but that I'll have to re-install GC programs. Not happy, but okay. That was four hours ago and no email. So, I un-installed AVG and got a different program and installed it, avast, if it makes a difference. Free copy with similar limitations to AVG. Read the instructions carefully and put the entire Battleground folder off limits to the anti-virus program. We'll see. My advice? Ditch AVG, get a different anti-virus program and - sigh! - uninstall GCG and GC and re-install them. Don't forget you have to unlicense and relicense, but that's easy and the program (GC) reminds you. Some fun, huh?

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Ike, I like the AVG since it gets the highest rating, I had to do what you did but i deleted the vault as I said above and reinstalled the game and I was getting the non start from the scheduled scan and the heuristics box being checked. The one thing is that this is such a small thing and I wish these companies wouldn't have this garbage on the files. The pirates are still going to figure it out anyway. I buy from this company b/c things work easily. If I get frustrated with a game on my system it gone, forget it. I have avast on my old computer but I kept avg since it works with everything I have

hope it works

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Hi Zinfandel,

Apologies for the frustration but this is a difficult one from our end as well.

For example, the game does work as advertised for the Windows system, it is unfortunately 3rd party software installed on your system that is interfering with the correct function of the game, so in fairness that is a difficult one for us to deal with.

The game does not contain any viruses but your software thinks it *might* be a virus. How fair is that for us, the software developer/publisher, as well?

But that being said we can certainly do our best to help you get the game up and running.

On my end, I am also running AVG and while it did complain all I had to do was to add the

Strategic Command GOLD installation folder to the exceptions list.

To do this open your AVG User Interface and go to Tools->Advanced Settings and then click on Anti-Virus->Resident Shield->Exceptions.

From here you will see a chart where you can add files or folders. I would suggest to click on 'Add Path' and add the entire path for the GOLD installation directory.

That did the trick on my end and hopefully that will do it for you as well and if not please let us know and we can go from there.


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Hubert: I did all of that with AVG and the program failed to accept the addition to the exceptions list. So, I repeated the process and it appeared to work, but once my PC was turned off and re-started, evidently the exceptions list was not saved. Besides, the Customer Service person who talked with me said he'd send an email of what to do. He hasn't yet. But my solution works for me; YMMV, right?

Huhr: Works for me so far. I've added GC Gold and Basic to the avast exceptions lists and so far no issues.

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