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CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

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The only one I messed with was the guy in the middle of the second pic...I modded/washed out the uni bmp a bit in Adobe. The rest, all unis, helmets and boots are untouched and the screens look pretty much like my game environment...may be a subtle change when I convert them to JPEGs.


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Thanks, bardosy...I am somewhat proud of having caught my screenie (the one with the Schreck firing at the Stuart) in a real-time game. :)

And yes, it is a gravestone, Erwin...there is a cemetery off to the left of the shot (which is apparently about to be extended one way or another...). I didn't even notice the headstone when I took the screenie, but it is kinda morbidly fitting, isn't it?

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This is from a PBEM game that is still going on. This screen shot was captured several "minutes" ago and should be old news for my opponent.

I made contact along a pretty long bocage line (over 300m) my opponent and I had two platoons plus blasting away across a field for many long minutes. I am sure we both took casualties and my first attempt to rush his positions failed miserably but I managed to overwhelm his left flank with the help of two shermans. This is what things looked like after my broken platoon and the two shermans breached the bocage and were looking down his line from his left.


His platoon at this end was pretty much destroyed but my platoon is all broken but they are following the XO team and mortar team that are still in good order as they try to mop up the rest of his guys. This battle is still far from over but this was my first success on this side of the map.

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