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Found 1 result

  1. I am wondering if anyone else thinks the Russians are at a disadvantage. US vehicles seem to spot faster, react quicker and their APS systems seem to work nearly every time. Its getting to a point where I can always win when I play the US and always loose when I play as the Russians. It would be ok if the difference was close but Russian kit seems woefully inadequate. In nearly every respect the Russians seem disadvantaged, from infantry to armor. My experience with T90AM (APS) is bad. Their APS sucks compared to the US. I have played dozens of games where it just fails to even go off or be effective when it does, utter garbage... Also their armor seems bad compared to the Abrams. In my experience they are glass canons where the Abrams can soak up hit after hit! I'm tired of getting wrecked by US when I play Russia and I'm tired of wrecking the Russians when I'm playing as the US. It becomes very boring when one side has such a massive advantage over the other. Anyone else noticing this or is this the great un-spoken topic of the forum because I guess if everyone admitted to it no one would want to play the Russians... Has this always been like this or has V4 done this? It's starting to wreck this otherwise fine game for me.
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