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Found 4 results

  1. Holà tuti, would anybody have a clue on to modify the main menu text's color? For example, I would like to change the pale blue color of CMFB's main menu to something more contrasted.
  2. Upgraded to V1.03 today. Launched the game and had really bad mixmatched text. Uninstalled the game fully. Reinstalled and patched back up to V1.03. Problem persists. Pictures attached. I have most other combat mission games installed. Please help!
  3. The status or action text (whatever it is called) on the lower left of the screen that says things like searching, firing, deploying etc is all scrambled and does not show the correct units. I had this problem before and found a post that showed me how to fix this. However, I can no longer find that post. Can anyone tell me how to load the correct text files? Thanks
  4. My game text (specifically map lettering blocks and the entire 'Hotkey' menu are blocked out as white. On the map, from an angle, I can make out light blue (?) lettering but it is extremely faint. When I bring up the Hotkey menu, it's all white and I can not read anything. The unit movement menu displays and works perfectly. I believe it is a purely video-related issue as the commands, both mouse and key strikes, work just fine. You have to know the key strikes by memory since the Hotkey is unreadable. Thank You!
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