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Found 1 result

  1. Hi All, Playing with a friend and we've run into some issues surrounding Quick Battles and the ability to commit to the battle from the force selection screen. I've outlined the two situations we've run into below with me as host with 7023 open: Both forces are selected, I commit to the battle and start to load. My friend tries to commit by pressing Ok, but the button greys out and he stays at the force selection screen. When I load into the battle I get the "Your opponent has unexpectedly quit the battle" messagebox. My opponent tries to load in before me, his Ok button greys out, and he fails to load while i'm still at the force selection screen. Other Info/Specifics: WeGo TCP/IP on Elite Both running CMFB on Win7 Can both play (and have played several) Scenarios using WeGo TCP/IP. Problem is only present in Quick Battles Thanks!
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