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Found 4 results

  1. I was just musing on how great an addition hit decals and uniform variations are and thought that maybe having an additional option to have unit insignia would be a good addition. Here are Russian unit patches spotted in Ukraine, that would fit nicely in to CMBS. http://euromaidanpress.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/russian-arm-patch.pdf
  2. When getting a new Combat Mission, one thing is obligatory for me: Getting Mord´s high vis hit decals in order to better analyze hits. I don´t know how many are like me but I really love to check all vehicles on the battlefield, what hit them, from where, how often, and the consequence. Can´t tell how much work this would mean but I really would like to see this getting expanded with more detail information like incoming trajectory (the decals only allow a guess on the angle) and/or damage to subssystem and personnel (i. e. "damaged/disabled main gun" or "wounded/kocked out driver").
  3. I wonder if is possible that german forces receive the zeltbahn as a clothes for wearing, and not only as a complement for carrying on the back. It could be used as standard piece in maps with rain or with wet condictions, but also as a random clothing in any other maps, since the zeltbahn was used often as a camouflage sistem, in fact, it was as used as camo smock which there is in game currently.
  4. I think buddy aid is way too easy and highly unrealistic. Why not make it more realistic? Instead of current behaviour I think a two stage procedure could improve realism a lot. Instead that buddy aid is finished with one unit, a second unit should be needed to complete the task. The first one does buddy aid, the second one simulates a route for transporting away. More realism: The number of the needed headcount of the second unit could be set double as high as the number of wounded to transport. Example: Two wounded. Phase 1: Buddy aid conducted like it is now but after finishing the casualties do not magically disappear, but stay where they are (in the UI the status could be marked differently, for example showing a strechter). Phase 2: Since there are two casualties four different heads would be needed to move up to the casualties to make them disappear from the battlefield after some time. Even more realism: Time could be taken into account. The longer it takes to finish Phase 1 and 2, the higher the chance of a fatality.
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