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Found 1 result

  1. When I started playing cmbn, I always used to play in real time, because it tested my ability to pay attention. And I used to play big maps and small maps, and I loved splitting up the teams into scout teams and assault teams. But one thing that I didn't like was that if you had a large squad, and you split it up into a number of different assault teams, or whatever. Why can't you use the assault command with the 4 man assault team? I tried seeing on combat mission Afghanistan and cmbn, if this was a bug, and I tested to see if there was a minimum amount of men required to use the assault command, and I found out that the minimum limit is below 4, maybe at 3 or 2. I tested this by starting off with a full squad of men with about 12 men, and used them until their numbers went down to 4, and I was still able to use the assault command and their numbers went down to 3, and they still worked with the assault command. But if I split a squad up to form an assault team, the assault command never works. And I'm wondering why. Is it a historical thing? And if it is, will cmbs change to make it so that you can use the assault command, because of the smaller group and higher c2. The assault command is extremely useful when I'm assaulting houses and buildings and saves me a lot of time from having to micromanage 2 units, when I can just use the assault command with one. And one more thing, I'm looking forward to the drones in cmbs, because I think it will save me from a lot of scout lives being wasted. Because I also wondered, why isn't there a 1 man scout team? It would save me 50% of my men and I would be 50% harder to spot. I only need one set of eyes to scout anyway. It's that 2 men split away from my squad is a big deal, when I only need one guy to scout. I mean it's the same thing, if 2 scouts get ambushed, what's the difference how many scouts die, it's not like anyone is going to get back to relay the information.
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